Beyonce The Worlds Smallest Dog!

Beyonce on an iPhone

Beyonce on an iPhone!

Beyonce in a cup

Beyonce is on her caretakers hand!

The above picture is the worlds smallest dogs picture which is only 3 weeks old and survived in San Bernardino, Calif. won has inspired many "omg" moments by animal lovers. 
He was the fifth baby of his mother and when he born,he was as small to get fit in a spoon.Now gets fit on an iPhone.
At the moment of his born it was not fit.There was not heart beat but after applying direct breathing the dog recovered and he is now fine.

Naughty Dogs Chewing All Your Household !

 What will you do to your puppy if after coming from shopping you see that your sofa is like the above picture??
 Puppy!Puppy! Where is your puppy!May be he is busy in the washroom and trying to use the toilet paper.
 Oh no!What will you use today while sleeping?You pillow is just like the above one!Very hard to see this.

If you want to avoid these situations, you can have a look at the videos of the US number one Dog Trainer Doogy Dan's Online Videos.

Good Dog Video That Do Everything For His Owner!

Good Dog Video That Do Everything For His Owner!

The name of the dog is Jesse and it does everything for his owner.This is true.You will all these in the above video.
The dog cleans the house and put the dust in dustbin.
The dog adjusts the window curtain.
The dog brings the ball in the tray.
The dog brings the paper for the owner.
The dog also helps his owner to get off the shoes and clothes.
The dog also brings the remote control and plays the DVD for his owner.

If you want to see all these then just watch the video.

Tips to Pet Photography !

If you are having a pet in your house then you must have some ideas to take some good photos of your pet and share with your friend through Facebook or other social media. But before capturing the pictures I have some tips which you help you a lot to take the photos more meaningful.
Pets are not like human so they do not understand what you are going to do so you must need to keep the below things in your mind. This is very important.

Natural Light:

Always use natural light to capture the picture.If you use flash not only you will get red eye of your pet ,also you pet will run away.So,try to capture the photos where there is enough day light.

While holding Camera Keep the eyes Sharp enough:

Catch the natural shot!
Having sharp eye in your picture is a very plus point.It is always said that “Eyes are the windows to the soul” so having a sharp eye in the picture will make your picture more meaningful.

Make the pet feel comfortable:

This is very important that your pet feels comfortable.So,go to them where they live naturally.Do not force them to come to you just for photography.

 Take Natural Shot:

Try to give value to their character. Try to capture the shot which is natural. Do not take any picture by forcing anything to the pet. Take natural picture.

Have Patience:

Be patient and have patience while taking a picture.Cause you may not get the right show when you are expecting.So,you will have to wait for  a while.

Dog-Cat Friendship Forever !

We have always heard that there is no friendship between the dog and the cat.Usually dog always threaten the cat and cat also shows some routine respect to dog by not annoying the dog.But some rare case happens in this world also.Some cats also get the affection from the dog.Some dogs also love to play with cat.

This relation becomes a long time serious bond and which reflects in their behavior.They love each others affection and love.They love each other company.They love to eat together.They love to play together.

Bollywood Celebrities With Their Pets

Manisha Kairala with her cute cats
 Manisha Koirala,who is from Nepal and is an actress of Bollywood is holding her two pet with her two hands.The cats are white in colour and is having white hair.The cats are very cute and lovable.
Koyna Mitra with her cute doggy
 Koyna Mitra who is a model in India and also an actress in Bollywood movies,is holding a cute little dog .

Be a Master of Your Dog's Behavior

In most of the cases dogs are friendly to human being but it takes time to train them and be friendly with them.In the very beginning it becomes a very difficult task for one who does not have any previous experience to handle a dog or to train a dog.So,this is very important to know different activities of dog and their common behavior before training them up. Below are some common behaviors of dog which describes their different emotions.
Dog with his owner,a close shot!

Some behaviors of dog:
Dogs show aggression always for a reason. This may be for fears .But the aggressing is to show domination.
Barking is for the angriness. If any threat is given to the dog then it barks .It is also a phobia or for separation anxiety.

Tips about Dog Vaccination

When you bring a dog to your house the first thing that you need to keep  in your mind how to immune it from diseases. The best way is the vaccination process.You can take you dog to a veterinarian or you can give the shots at home.The vaccinations make the immune system of your dog much more stronger.They resist the infection from any disease before the disease do any major harm to the body.Below are the types of dog vaccination:

To give shot of vaccination you need to keep in mind that there are two types of vaccination.Core vaccination and non-core vaccination.

Core vaccinations are the vaccinations which are recommended for all dogs.The vaccine names are below:
Rabies Vaccination:
Since Rabies is a kind of disease which is incurable in dog,this is legal by law to shot one Rabies vaccine to your dog.

Pet Care Hospital and Clinic in Dhaka

Gulshan Pet Animal Clinic:
Gulshan pet Animal Clinic is established in the year 1990.As Gulshan is one of the luxurious residential area in Dhaka, people also love to have a pet in this area and this was the main cause to form this Hospital.
The Hospital is situated in the center place of Gulshan -2. The Director & Chief Veterinary Officer of the Clinic is DR.MD. AZMAT ALI, DVM, M.Sc.There are total 3 technical persons who take care of the pets.

How to Choose a Dog Collar !

Though there are various kinds of collar and it seems that this is very easy thing to choose a dog collar,but the task is not that easy.You must have the appropriate dog collar for your dog to feel your dog comfortable.
Leather Collars for dogs with stone design

Funny Pet Pictures !

 The above picture is of a dog and she is trying to be a deer.May be she wants to become a deer more than a dog.But it really seems that she is a deer.If any dog will see her in this pose then they will be after him and will put a bite.It's dangerous!
 The above picture is of ............! No no you please guess first.And can you guess what it is doing here?
Oh buddy!He is the smartest one.His name is gadget and he loves to swim and play a lot.May be that is why his owner has made an extra dimension to his look.How she is looking?I think she is looking damn smart!

Tips to Buy Dogs Bed !

1.       If you are having a dog or a pet then you must need one bed for your pet who is a very close friend to you.Keep some points in your mind before buying one bed. 

The size of the bed is an important factor and you must need to choose one size which is good enough for the dog to lie.
2.       The dogs which are old and which are having arthritis problem should need special kind of bed.
3.       The next thing you need to consider is the style and the decoration of the bed.
4.       The cushions which are big can be used as dog pillow. So, keep this in mind.
5.       Please! Please make sure that the bed that you are going to buy ,the bed cover must be removable so that you can wash it by removing it from the bed.
6.       Try to buy fluffy beds.This will make your dog happy.
7.       Select the dog bed colour which matches the color of your wall.It will make the things complete.
8.       You can also buy thermo beds.Thermo beds will give your dog comfort and it is very helpful when it is very cold.
9.       If you are not having a heated bed then try to keep the bed in a place where the temperature is comfortable and use one blanket which will make your dog feel comfortable.
10.   Buy some extra cover.It will be a great help when the old bed cover is very dirty or old.

How to Select a Dress for the Dog !

May be you are having a dog which you love a lot and that is why you are reading the article so that you can choose a perfect article for your cute dog.Before buying a dress for your pet you must need to keep some points in your mind.The points are listed below:

1.  Always keep in mind that you are buying this for your cute little friend who loves to play and will put some dust on it.So,you will have to wash it often.That is why try to buy a cloth which will not shrink.Polyester is the number one choice.

2.  Generally the clothes for your pet may take a lot of money cause those are special in size and can make a hole in your pocket.So,it is always better if you make some of these dress with special cutting by sewing.You can use different patterns like floral patterns on some cotton fabrics.

3.Try to judge the behavior before buying the cloth.Cause some pets like to chew .So,make sure that the fabric does not contain any chemicals.

4.Instead of using button or hooks in the fabrics try to use self stick fabrics.Cause your pet may eat the hook and will arise a problem for you.

5.Always you need to keep in mind while making a dress for the dog that it must have some additional hole for the tail and two pairs of leg.

6.Never choose a dress which is too long or too short.As there is no special size for dogs dress so it is always better to measure the size of the dog and prepare a dress for the dog.

Hope the above points will help you to fit the dress for your dog.

Cairn Terrier : Picture and Descriptions

Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier
Height: Male Cairn Terrier is from 10 to 13 inches and Female Cairen Terrier is from 9 to 12 inches.
Weight:  Weight for male is about 14 to 18 pounds and for female the weight is about 13 to 17 pounds.
Colors: This is available in any color except white.
Life Span : The expected life span of Cairen Terrier is about 12-15 years.
This is originated from the Highland of Scotland. The Cairn Terrier is a hardy little dog, animated, loyal, curious and cheerful. This dog is very friendly. To control this dogs you need to be little tricky. You need to dominate them. They only here you if they find that the person who is guiding him is more powerful and stronger than him. This type of dog gets usual with their new house and do not disturb that much. But you will have to hear his barking cause it barks a bit more.
Without a good and appropriate leadership the Cairn Terrier became a destructive one and barks more. So, always show a bit rudeness and shout a bit to make it under your control.
The Cairn Terrier is sensitive to allergies and eye disease.It will also gain weight easily if it does not work out everyday.