10 Tips to Take Care of a Dog !

As a pet dogs are just awesome! They give you a good company when you need them most. They become one of your family member. So, it is very important to know how to take proper care of your friend. Below are some quick tips which can help you a lot to keep your pet dog health and fine. See below: (The below points are only to keep a nice environment of your pet or dog but if you are facing behavioral problem and you do not know how to control the behavior of a pet dog, you can simply check the Best Training Videos from the Best Dog Trainer of US)
   1.       Shelter:
If your dog is staying with you in your own house then it is ok. Not to get worried about its house. But if your dog is staying outside of your room then you must take proper care about its house. You should make sure that the shelter is well protected from Rain. You will get varieties of shelter in the pet stores. Also many designs of the shelter is also available in the internet.

   2. Food:
It is very important to select dogs food. Cause you cannot give me much more food and also less food can make it weaker and unhealthy. So, the best way is to give it proper food with proper nutrition. Though dogs are very much attracted about human food but do not plan to give you food to dog cause it may not be appropriate for the dog.
   3. Water:
Clean and pure water is necessary for the dog. So, be sure to clear the water bowl ones or twice a day. Cause water is the common source of disease.  
   4. Grooming:
Grooming is also necessary for the refreshment. In summer time try to shave its hair to avoid sun stroke. Grooming will also make you pet feel refreshed. You will also like it most.
   5. Health Check up:
Try to bring your dog to the vet at least once a year. Try to make it twice if you have time.
   6. Exercise:
Exercise if very important. Taking your dog for a walk in the early morning and in the late evening can be beneficial for both of you.
   7. Toys:
Try to have sufficient toys for the dogs. Cause when you will not be with you at that time toys will be its friend.
   8. Give sufficient time to your dog:
Try to give some time to your dog. Otherwise it will not feel comfortable with you.
   9. Treats:
Try to give your dog some extra treats when it does some extraordinary or good things.
  10. Pay Attention:
Pay proper attention to your dog. Otherwise you both will become scattered.

Doing all the above things are not that easy though easy to write or tell.But if you can maintain the minimum you will have a good experience with your pet.It will become a part and parcel to you.