Be a Master of Your Dog's Behavior

In most of the cases dogs are friendly to human being but it takes time to train them and be friendly with them.In the very beginning it becomes a very difficult task for one who does not have any previous experience to handle a dog or to train a dog.So,this is very important to know different activities of dog and their common behavior before training them up. Below are some common behaviors of dog which describes their different emotions.
Dog with his owner,a close shot!

Some behaviors of dog:
Dogs show aggression always for a reason. This may be for fears .But the aggressing is to show domination.
Barking is for the angriness. If any threat is given to the dog then it barks .It is also a phobia or for separation anxiety.

Digging of soil or anything:
This is a common behavior in dog. When it has nothing to do then it digs. It may also dig to get extra attention or to become more comfortable or to search for food. But the most common thing is when it has nothing to do then it barks.
Destructive Chewing:
Though the chewing is destructive to you but to the dog it is normal and it does not understand this.He does it out of fun or playfulness. This is very normal.

Understand the nature of your dog. Do not try to train all the things at a time. Rather take time and do step by step. Which will be more helpful. Do not over react to your dog. Continue your training with it and one day he will become your closest friend.