How to Choose a Dog Collar !

Though there are various kinds of collar and it seems that this is very easy thing to choose a dog collar,but the task is not that easy.You must have the appropriate dog collar for your dog to feel your dog comfortable.
Leather Collars for dogs with stone design

1     You must need to read the below points if you want to chose an appropriate dog collars for your dog:

         1.  Buckle type collars: 

Leather collars which are auto adjustable and suitable for cute pets
Buckle type of collars are made up of nylon,cotton or lather.These are used to fasten your dog or pet. You can adjust the buckle type collars cause it is adjustable. You can choose buckle type collars which are adjustable cause it does not cause any hair breakage.

   2.       Quick release nylon collars:

Quick release nylon collars are also good options cause this type of collars are also adjustable and it does not stick around the pets neck.

   3.       Break away collars:

Break away collars are a kind of collars which will remove automatically from dogs neck if it gets caught by something.It was invented by a dog owner as his dog died just because the collar caught by something and it was unable to free it.But not to get worried ,it will be closed as long as it is attached to a leash.

   4.     Prong or pinch collars:

This collars are much more easier to wear and also safer.This does not cause any neck ,back or tracheal injury.

  5.     Electronics Collar:

This type of collars are used while training the dog.Cause it gives some shock to the dog as a correction method.
Hope the above tips will help you to select a good collar for the dogs.