How to Select a Dress for the Dog !

May be you are having a dog which you love a lot and that is why you are reading the article so that you can choose a perfect article for your cute dog.Before buying a dress for your pet you must need to keep some points in your mind.The points are listed below:

1.  Always keep in mind that you are buying this for your cute little friend who loves to play and will put some dust on it.So,you will have to wash it often.That is why try to buy a cloth which will not shrink.Polyester is the number one choice.

2.  Generally the clothes for your pet may take a lot of money cause those are special in size and can make a hole in your pocket.So,it is always better if you make some of these dress with special cutting by sewing.You can use different patterns like floral patterns on some cotton fabrics.

3.Try to judge the behavior before buying the cloth.Cause some pets like to chew .So,make sure that the fabric does not contain any chemicals.

4.Instead of using button or hooks in the fabrics try to use self stick fabrics.Cause your pet may eat the hook and will arise a problem for you.

5.Always you need to keep in mind while making a dress for the dog that it must have some additional hole for the tail and two pairs of leg.

6.Never choose a dress which is too long or too short.As there is no special size for dogs dress so it is always better to measure the size of the dog and prepare a dress for the dog.

Hope the above points will help you to fit the dress for your dog.