Important Things About Dog Breeding !

1. Male dogs are having sperm on the seventh month (after nine months it is confirmed that the dog is having sperm).

2. Every dog gets sperm after one year.But young dogs are not having sufficient sperm.So,this is always better to choose a bit mid aged dog for the breeding.

3.Stud dogs are best between their age of 18 months and 4 years to do breeding.

4.Getting stuck together is very normal while dogs breeding so it is better not to ice them apart while breeding.

5.While breeding try to make them calm and try to make the female one fell comfortable rather getting her scared.

6. Always use ground or floor for the breeding.Cause if you choose a higher place for breeding then if one gets fallen from the top, the other will get injured.

7. After a tie it is very important not to make the female dog pee for around 15 minutes.Also make sure that the male dog is comfortable with his organ.Make sure that it is not stuck with the hair.