Special tips for dog’s health

I think all pet dog lover knows how to take care of dogs health very well but today I am writing this from my personal experience as I have also a pet dog .

1. Suppose you buy a 1-2 months dog from a shop or you get a dog from your friend as a gift. Then your first task is to wash your dog with shampoo (not normal shampoo, shampoo with medicine). But I think for this purpose you should call a dog expert who can technically wash your dog because first time you don’t know anything about dogs’ bath. This wash is very important because at the first time there are lots of insects in dogs hair that are harm for both of you and your dog’s health.

2. Then your dog needs to go to doctor for general checkup and don’t forget to start his vaccination course.There are lots of vaccination for dogs . A possible vaccination schedule for the "average" dog is shown below-

5  weeks
6 & 9 weeks.
12    weeks or older
12    & 15 weeks
Leptospirosis ,Coronavirus ,Lyme
Leptospirosis, Coronavirus, Lyme, Rabies


3. Always try to pay attention to your dogs health .Because for  a dog  it take some times to adjust with the new environment .May be at that time your dog feel fever and sometimes they just ignore foods. You should keep in mind such types of problem.

4. Do you know about dog menstrual problem? Most of the people are quite unknown with this. It is true that dog have also menstrual problem like human .But they having this problem only one month in a year and probable time of their menstrual is summer. At that they feel very uncomfortable and always feel sleepy. So don’t disturb them at that time. 

5. Like a human baby dog teeth is also fall down at the age of 6-7 months. But not all the teeth, only their gum teeth .
6. If your dog feel fever then you can give them normal light medicine but never give anything without doctors advice.
7. To make a dogs good health every after 3 months you need to go to doctors with your dog for regular checkup.