Pet Dog Trainers

Dogs training School
In past only army or police dogs are send to school for training but now more and more dog owners are sending their pets to training camps to learn some manners.When you buy a dog then You don't know much more about them . So its very very difficult and also very time consuming for you to trained your dog.To avoid this problem in most of the country like America, Europe, Australia,Taiwan,Canda,Japan,Franch there are some pet dog training center from where you an trainee-up your dog.

Father's Day Gift Ideas - Gift Your Father A Pet !

Who does not like his or her father? Father is like the icon in most of the peoples life.He is a big man we care for.So,what is the plan to gift your father on your fathers day? May be you did not plan to gift for your fathers or you are trying to get a better idea to choose a specific gift for your father.Here "Petcare" is to help you to choose a better gift for your father.

Gulshan Pet Animal Clinic Services With Price

Gulshan Pet Animal Clinic is a very renowned pet care hospital in Bangladesh.They are having a lot of services for your pet or dogs.They also provide dog foods and other dog products.The address of Gulshan Pet Animal Clinic is below:


Gulshan Pet-Animal Clinic
(A-Z Pet Animal Solution in Dhaka)
 4-5 DCC Super Market
 Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212

Where To Buy Dog Food In Dhaka,Bangladesh?

If you are living in Dhaka,Bangladesh and you have a pet or dog then you must need pet food to feed your dog or pet.But this is not always easy to get the food for the pet or dog in Dhaka.Cause the tradition of having a pet in every family is not so common in Dhaka and only some special families are having this pet.

Where To Buy Dog or Pets In Dhaka ?

May be you are living in Dhaka or some other parts in the country Bangladesh and you want to buy a dog.You want to buy a dog which is nice and you want to train it from the very beginning.So,you are searching for a small new born dog in Dhaka.But you do not know the location from where to buy a dog in Dhaka.Then this article will answer your question and will guide you to the right path.

Emergency Animal Health Care In Mumbai

The 'Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for Animals' is the most famous Animal healthcare hospital in Mumbai.This is situated in Parel,Mumbai.The headquarter of " The Bombay Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals" is also situated there.

What You Should Do If Your Dog Bites?

It may occur that sometimes your dog bite someone or your dog bites you.May be this is shocking for your but you have no option than to take quick action.So,what to do if your dog bites?Below are some tips:

1. Always try to remain calm and do not panic and get unturned.

2. Confine your dog to another room or to another place and do not move in front of your dog.

3.Try to wash the wound of the victim with warm water and wash it with Savlon or Dettol like antiseptic lotion.

Animal Care Hospital List In Kolkata,India

Below are some list of Animal care hospital in Kolkata with phone number and address:

1.  Animal Planet, Sector - I, Kolkata

Category: Animal Hospitals & clinics

Phone:  (033) 30232441

Address:   BD-463, Sector - I, Kolkata- 700064, West Bengal

Landmark:  Near BD Market

2. Maa Tara Pet Care,Moti Jheel,Kolkata

Category: Animal Hospitals & clinics

Phone:  (033) 25489349

Mobile:  9830087819

Address: 101, Dum Dum Road, Moti Jheel, Kolkata- 700074, West Bengal

Landmark:  Opposite Hanuman Mandir