Where To Buy Dog or Pets In Dhaka ?

May be you are living in Dhaka or some other parts in the country Bangladesh and you want to buy a dog.You want to buy a dog which is nice and you want to train it from the very beginning.So,you are searching for a small new born dog in Dhaka.But you do not know the location from where to buy a dog in Dhaka.Then this article will answer your question and will guide you to the right path.

If you want to buy one pet (like dog,cat,monkey,rabbits or birds) then Katabon (beside Nilkhet ) is the best place for your to choose one dog or pet for you.So,you have got the location from where you can buy one dog or pet in Dhaka.You will get a lot of pets collection and you can choose yours.In Katabon you will get a lot of shops from where you can also compare the price and make your deal.But please be remembered that as there is no fixed price about the dog or pet price,be careful about the price of the dog or pet and do not forget to do bargaining.

Now the question is how to go to Katabon? 
 Yes,this is very easy! You must know where Nilkhet is.First you can go to Nilkhet and then from Nilkhet square towards Dhaka university TSC you take the first left turn and after walking 2 minutes from that turn you will get Katabon and lots of shops where pets are sold.

Other places to Buy a pet or Dog in Dhaka:

Katabon is not the only place to make your pets deal in Dhaka.If you are staying in Old town then there is another place from where you can buy your pet or dog.Though there are not many shops like Katabon,Nilkhet but you will get quality pets over here.The place is Thatari Bazar.In Thatari Bazar in old town you will get some shops where pets are available and you will get young pets like dogs,rabbits and birds.

How to go to Thatari Bazar?

This is also very easy!At first go to Gulisthan.Then from Gulisthan take one Rickshaw and tell the Rickshaw poolar to go to Thatari Bazar and you will take you to the right place.

If you want to buy Peagon then this is also available in Old Dhaka.Just ask anyone and he will give you the direction to that place.You will get the Peagon from Katabon and Thatari Bazar also.

You can also get one shop to buy the birds and rabbits in Bijoy soroni,Khajur Bagan.In first entrance of Monipuri Para and just behind the Khamar Bari, You will get one show where the food for fish and some ornamental fish for aquarium is available .You will also get different kinds of birds over there.