Gulshan Pet Animal Clinic Services With Price

Gulshan Pet Animal Clinic is a very renowned pet care hospital in Bangladesh.They are having a lot of services for your pet or dogs.They also provide dog foods and other dog products.The address of Gulshan Pet Animal Clinic is below:


Gulshan Pet-Animal Clinic
(A-Z Pet Animal Solution in Dhaka)
 4-5 DCC Super Market
 Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212

You will get below medical services for your dog or pet:

1.Sterilization and Vaccination for your pet is Totally free.
2. Nail Cutting For Your Dog is 200 BDT/-
3.Dressing for your dog is 200 BDT/-
4.IV saline pushing for your dog 1 time a day 300 BDT/- and 2 times a day 400 BDT/-
5.Hair Trimming for your dog 1000 BDT/-
6.Injection pushing and other minor service is 100 BDT/-
7.Ear Cropping 2 ear 400 BDT/-
8.Castration Small Dog 2000 BDT/- and for Large Dog 3000 BDT/-
9.Dew worming for small dog 50 BDT/- and for large dog 500 BDT/-
10.Major Operation for small dog 2000- 3000 BDT/- and for large dog it is around 4000-5000 BDT.

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