Pet Dog Trainers

Dogs training School
In past only army or police dogs are send to school for training but now more and more dog owners are sending their pets to training camps to learn some manners.When you buy a dog then You don't know much more about them . So its very very difficult and also very time consuming for you to trained your dog.To avoid this problem in most of the country like America, Europe, Australia,Taiwan,Canda,Japan,Franch there are some pet dog training center from where you an trainee-up your dog.
You don't need to worry about your dogs training rather you just pay money to that training schools. Those schools are very professional and they know how to take care and properly guide your dog.They believe that positive, effective training is the best way for both you and your dog to learn more successfully, communicate better and develop a strong trusting relationship.They provide some basic training to your dogs like learn how to sit, lie down, stand and receive orders.More advanced courses are meant to train the animal’s strength and interaction skills, and finally the professional classes include rescue, attack and drug sniffing as well as other specialized training.

There are some address  from where you can trained-up your puppy

Andrew or Mandy Flowers
VENUE: Pennard Parish Hall Vennaway Lane Pennard
Tel: 07909718116
2.  JCM's All Breed Dog Obedience School
JCM 's
P.O. Box-3625
Covington, La. 7043
Tel :(504)838-8605   (985)809-5022 

3.  Hanrob Pet Hotel (Heathcote)
1800 Princes Hwy
Heathcote NSW 2233
Tel: 02 8508 3222
Tel: 1300 426 762
Office hours: Monday – Saturday: 8.00am to 5.30pm  ,  Sunday: 4.00pm to 6.00pm
Tour Times: Monday – Saturday between 9am-5pm. , Sunday 4pm-6pm.
No appointment necessary.

After completing school training dog washing his own toilet

May be they all are participate in a photo session

Trainer teach  dog how to jump from high way