Should You Feed Your Dog Grain Free Food?

Grain free diets are all the rage amongst health conscious humans at the moment. The justification is that when the human race was evolving, we ate a diet of meat and the occasional vegetable or fruit. 

The Evolution of Dogs
A similar argument can be made for dogs. Wild dogs also evolved while eating meat and some vegetables, without much in the way of grains. Dogs are naturally carnivores, and if left to their own devices will eat a diet containing little if any grain. Many pet owners are starting to wonder whether they should switch their dogs to a grain free diet. To meet this increased level of interest, dog food manufacturers are producing both dry foods and canned foods that contain no grains at all.

5 Tips To Improve Your Dog's Skin

Skin irritation can be just as bad in dogs as in humans. Dry skin can lead to itching and clogged pours can lead to a dull looking coat. The good news is there are simple things you can do to improve your dog's skin. Whether you change his food or make sure he gets enough exercise, his skin can be free of common irritations. The following are just five ways to improve your dog's skin.

Understanding the Proper Way to Vaccinate Your Cow

The nature of cattle handling plans varies from one region to another. In addition to providing your cows with a comfortable shelter installed with customized cattle gates, you also need to ensure that the animals are supplied with plenty of fresh water and adequate amount of diet and nutrition. At the same time, you also have to explore options to keep your cows healthy and safe.
If you are exploring options to keep the animals safe from dangerous diseases and infection, it becomes essential to vaccinate them properly.

Picking The Perfect Family Pet

When it comes to family life, I don’t think one can be fully complete without a pet. I have had cats nearly my whole life and couldn’t imagine what it would have been like without them! For many families finding a pet is a great way to give children a friend and a bit of responsibility, a way to keep up exercise if you get a dog, and to always see a happy face when you return home. There are things to consider such as the practicality of adding a new member and it is a good idea to carry out some research.

First Class Pet Care Providing Pampering Services

You can not always take your pet with you wherever you go. Due to the nature of your work – I don’t know what you do, but I can accurately guess that from time to time you have to make trips that might force you to be away from home for long periods. Sometimes this could be a holiday trip to a destination where there are no pet hotel services, or an extended business trip.

Getting to know Guinea Pigs

Thinking of buying a new pet? Want a pet that is quite small and quite easy to take care of? Well look no further as a guinea pig is a perfect choice. The cute little balls of fur are enough to put a smile on anybody’s face and will not require daily walks or a hole in your door where they can come in and out. So are you sold yet? If not then read on further where you can really get to know these furry little friends and how they should be kept and fed.

The World of Dog Shows

The world of dog shows can be an exciting one, with the opportunity to see beautiful examples of many different breeds. It is also a great way for you to meet other people who have similar interests to you. The aim of dog shows is to evaluate individual dogs and acknowledge those that are closest to the breed standard. The standard spells out what would be considered the ideal dog - it describes their size, shape, coat type and color, as well as how they move.
 Life Expectancy For Dogs.

Life Expectancy For Dogs.

Pet Supplements From NuVet Labs

Life expectancy for dogs can be impacted by many factors. With older dogs, there comes more responsibility. Some breeds age quicker to age than others due to weight, their health issues, and how much they are exercised. Dog breeds that are smaller tend to live longer because they are usually under 30 pounds and there is less stress on their body. Medium sized dogs live about 10-13 years, but smaller breeds usually tend to outlive them to be 15-18 years old. Larger dogs don't normally live past seven or eight years because of their increased weight.Only 8% of all dogs live past the age of 15 years.
Is 2013 The Right Year For You To Buy A Horse!!

Is 2013 The Right Year For You To Buy A Horse!!

When deciding to buy a horse, you need to consider your decision carefully. Purchasing a horse is a serious commitment, with the average horse living anywhere between 20-30 years. There are a number of factors you need to consider, but above all ensure that you have the time and energy to give to your new friend.
What to Consider
Make sure that you have enough free time for your new horse.  Grooming, feeding, cleaning and medical care all take up a lot of time and energy.  You need to be sure that you have enough time to dedicate to your animal.  Make sure that the horse will have a good home, which you should organise before purchasing the animal. The easiest place for most people to keep their horses is in a livery yard – unless you are lucky enough to have your own stables!

Best Hotel Chains For Dogs & Their Owners

Traveling with your dog can be an enjoyable experience. Today, more and more hotels are opening up their doors to your four-legged best friend and allowing them to share a room with you. Some hotels are even taking it up a level and providing additional amenities and services to your pooch too.
If you’re traveling with your dog and want them to enjoy the perks of staying in a hotel with you, make sure to stay at one of these dog-friendly hotels.

How to Take Proper Care of Your Cattle

The amount of care and protection required by cattle vary from one location to another. It is always important to prepare and implement a comprehensive cattle handling plan based on the weather and climatic conditions of your area. In addition to meeting their dietary and health needs, you also need to keep their living environment clean and comfortable. Also, you must concentrate on some simple points to take adequate care of your cattle.

Dietary Needs: As the stomachs of your cattle have four chambers, it becomes essential to provide them with adequate diet and nutrition. Normally, their dietary needs can be met by providing adequate hay and pasture. Also, you can consider feeding them grain as grain is high in energy.

The Best Insects As Pets.

 We will all be pet owners at one point or another in our life. Cats and dogs are typically the most common pet to many of us. I, for one, am not a pet owner at this time, but before I left home for college, my family was owner to two cats and three dogs that I can remember. To others, a snake, a bird, or a hampster may be the animal-friend of choice. While in college, my brother owned a farret.
If you or your children are looking for low-cost, low-maintenance pets, consider taking in any one of these little critters.

How to Remove Cat Urine From Your Carpet

Do you have a cat at home? For sure, you might have a hard time cleaning up after your pet. Just like dogs, cats could easily pee inside your house and even on your favorite carpet.
 In order to remove the cat’s urine on your carpet easily, you have to clean up right after it pees. Otherwise, the stain would dry and get hard to remove. The bad odor would also stay for a while.
So how can you remove cat urine from your carpet?
 From Drivers To Dressage; What To Be When We Grow Up!

From Drivers To Dressage; What To Be When We Grow Up!

As a child we all think about what we want to be when we grow up. Although some people end up following their childhood dream, be it medicine, music or sport, most never end up making a living from being a ‘digger driver’, astronaut or, in my case, Olympic gold medal winning decathlete Daley Thompson!

D-Day for Daley

The 1984 Los Angeles Olympics had a profound effect upon me. I would sit open mouthed in front of the television with the curtains closed to keep the blazing afternoon sun away from the screen, fascinated by the amazing feats of athletic achievement going on right before my eyes. To me, the athletes were like superheroes, with their flashy running kit and superhuman strength and speed. The Americans (especially the likes of Flo-Jo and Carl Lewis), were bringing glamour to track and field with painted nails, make-up and stylish 80’s haircuts. Although I envied their physical prowess and winning ways, my favourite by far was Daley. Something about the decathlon itself really drew me in. The fact that I could follow the emotional and physical rollercoaster of two days of competition as if I were there as part of the team myself really appealed to me.
 The Most Famous Animals in History

The Most Famous Animals in History

When you think of fame, you tend to think of the people that have made a name for themselves, whether through movies, music, sports or politics. But there are others that have gained fame over the years, and they’re a bit hairier than most of the famous people you know. The following is a list of the most famous animals in history.
Greyfriars Bobby
Greyfriars Bobby is a Skye Terrier dog that spent 14 years of his life guarding the grave of his owner, John Gray. Not only did he guard the grave every day until he died, but his story enticed Lady Burdett-Coutts to create a statue of the dog at one end of the George IV Bridge.

How to Take Proper Care of a Horse in a Pasture

You have several options to keep your horse in a comfortable environment. But keeping the horse in a pasture is the most natural and efficient way. You must consider a number of man-made and natural factors to keep the horse safe and comfortable. In addition to providing the horse with proper vaccinations, worming medicine and fly mask with ear protectors, you also have to comply with the local county regulation. 

Normally, the number of horses to be kept per acre varies from one location to another. So you must consult your local agriculture extension agent and implement his recommendation. However, you also concentrate on some key points to ensure that the horse is safe and getting adequate mineral and vitamin supplements.
Plenty of Fresh Water: Each horse needs plenty of fresh water when they are pastured. But many people forget to concentrate on maximizing the fresh water supply. Normally, a healthy horse will drink about 25 to 30 gallons of fresh water on a daily basis. There are also many horses that do not drink dirty water. So you must ensure that the horses are provided adequate amount of fresh and clean water.

Parrot Training Resources

Pet parrots are remarkably intelligent creatures that can learn a variety of behaviors with some patience and training. For evidence of this keen intelligence and training ability, look no further than the myriad training tools, training treats, books, CDs and videos available to pet parrot owners. Much like a dog is capable of a surprising number of impressive tricks or obedience commands, parrots are every bit as able to learn and respond to positive-reinforcement training. Like dogs, parrots grow attached to their owners and wish to please them.

The Parrot Intellect

Not to say that the canine and avian mind work in the same way, but there are some parallels that can be made between the two as far as the training process goes. However, while positive reinforcement through rewards and praise is always the best way to train both types of animals, dogs will learn from negative reinforcement like shock collars, while parrots simply do not respond well to this type of training strategy.

What Cruise lines allow Assistance Dogs?

All Cruise lines must accept Assistance Dogs as it is against the law & human rights code.
Most Cruise lines will require you to sign a document confirming that your dog is an assistance dog and not a ‘pet’ before embarkation.

What restrictions are there for the entry of assistance dogs in different countries?
  • When dogs or pets are imported or taken into Australia they must stay in quarantine for 30 days. However, the 3 main kinds of assistance dogs; guide dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs can enter Australia when entering a cruise port, provided they have not come from a high-risk country for rabies. They will be placed under quarantine surveillance but won’t actually spend any time in a quarantine station. 
 5 Secrets of Internet Cat Video Producers

5 Secrets of Internet Cat Video Producers

It seems that everyday, some new cat video goes viral and takes over the internet for a few days, weeks or months. Cats are becoming a subject of much interest as certain stereotypes about their personalities are beginning to be broken. More people are becoming cat lovers. As a result of instant hits such as Maru the Cat and the popularity and success that followed him, more and more people are busting out their cameras to capture kitty moments to share online. If you are considering producing online cat videos, what follows are a number of helpful tips that will allow you to not only capture great moments that people want to see, but also how to ensure that the most people possible see your videos.

At-Home Dog Grooming Tips

Sitting at home in front of the television petting our beloved canine companion, it is hard not to notice the knots in his fur and debris he has picked up from a play day in the front yard or at the park. As pet owners, we are responsible for taking proper care of our furry companions, in the same way that we are responsible for taking care of ourselves. A regular at-home dog grooming routine is the perfect way to treat your pet to a spa day, and also protect him from periodontal disease, wax build-up, ear infection, yeast infection due to matted hair, dirt, bacteria, and any number of ailments resulting from poor hygiene. Fortunately, at-home dog grooming is not nearly as tedious as it sounds, and both you and your dog will be happier and healthier as a result.

Step 1: Get Prepared
The first step to grooming your canine at home is to gather the proper supplies. If you are planning on a full-body grooming, then you will need a variety of supplies, such as clippers, brushes, bath tools and drying tools. It is important to recognize that when mats are present in wet fur, they become practically untamable. Therefore, brushing your dog's fur is a must before any water is added into the equation. If your dog has medium to long hair, a slicker or pin brush may be necessary. Also, in some cases, the mat may need to be shaved or cut in order to prevent bacterial growth from occurring between the skin and the mat. Brush from the neck downward until all hair is combed flat, and do not forget to give him a treat for being on good behavior.