First Class Pet Care Providing Pampering Services

You can not always take your pet with you wherever you go. Due to the nature of your work – I don’t know what you do, but I can accurately guess that from time to time you have to make trips that might force you to be away from home for long periods. Sometimes this could be a holiday trip to a destination where there are no pet hotel services, or an extended business trip.

When such a situation arises and you are a pet owner, you will want to ensure that your friend is provided for and well taken care of during your absence. Many people are used to giving the best for their pets and so when they pick on a pet care service offering accommodation, their chief concern is the quality they will get for their money. I bet you can be comfortable while you are away only if you know that your pet will be pampered in the same way that you always do.

That means you are not going to take your pet to just any facility but to those that have pamper plus plans for pet accommodation. Naturally, the first thing you will want to be certain of is that the personnel manning such a place are pet-friendly and will ensure that your friend is loved and cared for well during his/her stay.
There are many pet hotels that provide only the basics in dingy enclosures that offer no comfort at all. You do not want to sentence your pet to a short prison term when you are away. So the nature of accommodation should not only be first class, spacious and neat, but should also provide other amenities such as toys and play areas.

Other extra pampering services you will need for your pet include play time on a one on one basis with the staff. Such times are for playing, curdling, patting and generally doing anything to make your pet feel extra special. Just like human beings, pets especially dogs, love exercising and so dog walks in tranquil, and lovely neighbourhoods will come in handy.
Just before departure, grooming and a complimentary bath are necessary, however, on a routine basis there should be extra pampering in form of a hot bath, massage, eye cleaning, trim and nail clipping and de knotting. For felines, you should expect cat brushing.

And just to be sure that everything is OK, photos of your pet’s stay can be emailed to you, or at prearranged times you can enjoy Skype time with your pet. You should also be allowed to provide treats of your preference alongside the healthy, natural diet that the facility offers.
There is a lot more that can be done to ensure that your pet’s stay at small paws pet hotel near Sydney is as exclusive as possible. If you are in doubt and you stay anywhere near here, why don’t you make us a surprise visit and see for yourself? Alternatively, you can find us online at