How to Remove Cat Urine From Your Carpet

Do you have a cat at home? For sure, you might have a hard time cleaning up after your pet. Just like dogs, cats could easily pee inside your house and even on your favorite carpet.
 In order to remove the cat’s urine on your carpet easily, you have to clean up right after it pees. Otherwise, the stain would dry and get hard to remove. The bad odor would also stay for a while.
So how can you remove cat urine from your carpet?
1.       Absorb the cat urine. Immediately after your cat urinates on your carpet, try to absorb much of the urine. You can use a towel, paper towel, or you can put rags from your old box of rags to use. Just place this on the area where your cat urinated. Try to repeat the process until all the moisture is absorbed. To make sure that much of the urine is absorbed, you can try to smell the portion where the cat urinated. If there’s some odor left, then you have to clean that portion too.
2.       Apply vinegar solution. Wet the carpet with vinegar solution in order to neutralize the bad odor. It’s easy to prepare the solution. Simply mix 50 parts of water with 50 parts of vinegar. After applying the solution, let the carpet dry. Try to smell the area if there is some odor left. If there is, you can opt to repeat the procedure on the application of vinegar solution. Use a wet/dry vacuum extractor to get rid of the remaining moisture.
3.       Apply hydrogen peroxide solution. The next step is to mix one fourth cup of hydrogen peroxide with one teaspoon dishwashing liquid. Put some baking soda on the carpet where the cat urinated and then apply the hydrogen peroxide solution. Just use hydrogen peroxide solution that is 3 percent or less. Using your fingers, scrub, or old toothbrush, slowly work the solution onto the carpet and apply some pressure. Let it dry.  You may use a fan to let the area dry faster. When it’s all dry, vacuum the residue.
4.       Check the carpet for dry urine. You can double check your carpet for dry cat urine just to be sure. Turn off the lights at night and using a back light, try to check for residues. Cat urine would luminescence so you would be able to identify it right away.

Removing cat urine is not that hard. So next time your cat pees on your favorite carpet, try these tips and you’ll definitely see the result!

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