5 Secrets of Internet Cat Video Producers

It seems that everyday, some new cat video goes viral and takes over the internet for a few days, weeks or months. Cats are becoming a subject of much interest as certain stereotypes about their personalities are beginning to be broken. More people are becoming cat lovers. As a result of instant hits such as Maru the Cat and the popularity and success that followed him, more and more people are busting out their cameras to capture kitty moments to share online. If you are considering producing online cat videos, what follows are a number of helpful tips that will allow you to not only capture great moments that people want to see, but also how to ensure that the most people possible see your videos.
Think Like a Cat
 Cats are often seen as secretive, aloof creatures, which is not actually the case. However, they are aware of their surroundings. In order to capture the best moments, try to think like a cat. Think about the places they like to hang out, the activities they like to partake in and use these as the inspiration for the content of your videos.
Always Have the Camera On You just never know when your kitty is going to give you gold. Always having your camera at the ready allows you to capture the best moments with ease. If you have to go search for your camera, chances are that kitty will no longer be doing what you wanted to capture.

Don't Skip "Everyday" Moments  

Simple things like kitty siblings playing or snuggling, basic playing, napping, exploring and more are what people are looking for. Sure, it is cool for a cat to be able to do tricks, but the popularity of cats like Maru comes from our love of what they naturally like to do.

Post on Popular Video Upload Sites

Take advantage of free video uploading sites like YouTube, which allow you to get your kitty videos out to the public.

Promote on Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites like Facebook allow people to create niche pages. Increase the popularity of your kitty and kitty videos by creating dedicated social networking sites by creating a page and using the platform as a means to share videos and communicate and gather more fans. By following the above stated tips, one can create and gain a following with their cat videos. From everyday activities to your kitty's particular quirks, people are interested in seeing more of the life and times of cats. Follow these tips and see your kitty become an online sensation, allowing others to enjoy your special companion as much as you do.

Peter Wendt is a writer and researcher living in Austin, TX. His favorite cat is highly photogenic, and with the help of LDRK Media, he was able to get his cat videos to go viral.