Pets on a Cruise

Are there kennels on board every ship?

No. Kennels are available but only on Queen Mary 2’s Transatlantic Crossings. This makes it an ideal way to transport your pet if you are relocating to or from the US.

What pets are allowed?
Cats & Dogs
How much does it cost?
Upper kennel -$500*
Lower kennel - $700*
Cat in upper kennel $1000*
2nd pet in same kennel $500*
*Prices are subject to change

Does the dog need anything specific before on board the ship?

If travelling from New York to Southampton – all pets MUST be fitted with a microchip, satisfactorily blood tested to ensure sufficient protection against rabies, vaccinated against rabies, official PET passport or 3rd country certificate, issued with an official PETS certificate, treated against ticks and tapeworm no more than 48 hours before check in and issued with an official certificate of treatment.
If travelling from Southampton to New York – all pets MUST have been issued with a current Health Certificate and had a rabies vaccination within 12 months to 14 days prior to Entry into the State of New York.

What items do I need to bring for my dog?

You will need to bring suitable supply of all dry dog food, food and water bowls, plus any applicable blankets/bedding

Where can I feed my dog?

Dogs can only be fed in your stateroom and under no circumstance should you feed your pet ‘tit-bits’ in any public areas.
How big are the kennels?
 6 Small upper kennels are - 30" x 35.5" x 27" (Length x Width x Height). The 6 upper cages can be converted into 3 larger cages at 60 inches long.
- 6 Large lower kennels are - 30" x 35.5" x 36" (Length x Width x Height). The 6 lower cages can be converted into 3 larger cages at 60 inches long.
Will pets receive anything?
Pets will receive the following benefits:
  • A Frisbee
  • Name Tag
  • Food Dish & Scoop
  • Fleece Blankets
  • Selection of Premium Food
  • Healthy Gourmet Cookies (Freshly baked every morning)

Where can my dog exercise?

There is an outdoor play area on board. Guests are welcome to come and exercise pets.

Do dogs have to wear a harness?

Yes, a dog will have to wear a harness, or vest, at all times when not in the stateroom.

Is there a charge for an Assistance Dog to travel on board?

There is no charge for an Assistance Dog to accompany their owner.

Does an assistance dog need to be trained?

Your assistance dog will need to be trained and also there will need to be some conformation of this, they will have needed to be qualified by one of the following organisations:
  • Support Dogs
  • Hearing Dogs Association
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind Association
  • Dogs for the Disabled
  • Canine Partners for Independence

Can you disembark the ship in ports of call with an Assistance dog?

It is the responsibility for the owner to find out each country’s individual regulations, including re-entry to the UK. Cunard cannot be held responsible should your dog be denied entry upon disembarkation in Southampton for not following DEFRA regulations.