The Best Insects As Pets.

 We will all be pet owners at one point or another in our life. Cats and dogs are typically the most common pet to many of us. I, for one, am not a pet owner at this time, but before I left home for college, my family was owner to two cats and three dogs that I can remember. To others, a snake, a bird, or a hampster may be the animal-friend of choice. While in college, my brother owned a farret.
If you or your children are looking for low-cost, low-maintenance pets, consider taking in any one of these little critters.

Tarantulas. A bit creepy at times, tarantulas can be really fun pets to have around. They will eat almost anything they can overpower, so feeding it lunch can be a bit of trial and error. To be sure, tarantulas will certainly eat other small critters, such as crickets. You can buy feed-crickets at any pet store for mere pennies. Only a few crickets a week is well enough to keep any tarantula happy in his new home.
The thing to remember about housing a tarantula, as opposed to any other spider, is that they are so oversized, making it easy to see all its body parts and witness its behavior up close and pesonal. Kids enjoy observing tarantulas because they are easy to see.
Praying Mantis. Known for their prayer-like posture, a praying mantis makes a great pet. An empty fish tank with a screen-top net provides the perfect housing enclosure. To really observe the mantis in its element, it is best to provide a natural setting inside the container. Start with a thin layer of dirt or rocks on the bottom of the container. Next, put in some long enough tree twigs so that you can prop them in a diagonal fashion against one of the walls. This will give the mantis an appropriate platform to perform its magic. As they hunt, the mantis will pose on top of that twig until they attack their prey. Crickets will do fine, but they also hunt bees, so if you can manage to put one in its house, you might get to see an aerial attack.
Ants. There should be a law that mandates that all parents purchase an ant farm for their children at some points before they turn the age of 12. As a kid, insects don't get any more educational than ants in an ant farm. They are one of the hardest working societies on the planet. Each morning your kid will wake up to a new trail the ants have dug. They all work in unison. They all know and accomplish their role with exactness. No ant is lesser than the other, and their level of cooperation and achievement is virtually unmatched. Want to see it all over again? Just shake up the farm, and watch how they immediately reorganize themselves and get back to work. Kids can learn a lot from watching an ant farm, and frankly, so could most adults.

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