The Most Famous Animals in History

When you think of fame, you tend to think of the people that have made a name for themselves, whether through movies, music, sports or politics. But there are others that have gained fame over the years, and they’re a bit hairier than most of the famous people you know. The following is a list of the most famous animals in history.
Greyfriars Bobby
Greyfriars Bobby is a Skye Terrier dog that spent 14 years of his life guarding the grave of his owner, John Gray. Not only did he guard the grave every day until he died, but his story enticed Lady Burdett-Coutts to create a statue of the dog at one end of the George IV Bridge.

In 1923, Bobbie was a two-year-old Scotch Collie/English Shepherd dog that was traveling with his family from Oregon to Indiana.  During the travels, Bobbie became lost, and even though the family searched for the dog, they could not find him, so they left and went back home to Oregon. Six months later, Bobbie ended up back on the family’s doorstep, having traveled over 2,000 miles walking his way back home.
Gua was a chimpanzee born in the 1930s that was used to study the cross rearing of chimpanzees with humans. Gua lived with scientists Winthrop and Luella Kellogg, and they placed the 7-1/2 month old chimp with their 10 month old son, Donald, and was raised the same way. During the study, it was found that Gua learned to walk first and even tested better than Donald in reading.
Congo was a chimpanzee born during the 1950s that is known for his artistic abilities. A zoologist noticed the chimp’s abilities when he was given a piece of paper and a pencil. In just over two years, Congo created more than 400 paintings.
Dolly the Sheep
Dolly the Sheep is famous because she was the world’s very first clone of an adult animal. She was created from an adult somatic cell using the nuclear transfer process.
Shamu was an orca whale in the 1960s that survived captivity and became the star of a killer whale show at SeaWorld San Diego. Though the original Shamu died in 1971, the name Shamu is given to the orca whales that perform the killer whale at all the different SeaWorld parks.
Koko the gorilla is known for her ability to communicate with humans through sign language. She can understand more than 2,000 words and can communicate more than 1,000 words through sign.
Binti Jua
Binti Jua is a female gorilla that gained fame in 1996. A three-year-old boy fell into the gorilla’s pen while at Brookfield Zoo in Illinois, and Binti Jua walked over to the boy. Onlookers thought that Binti was going to attack the boy, but she picked him up, protected him from the other chimps in the pen, and carried him over to a service gate so that he could be given to paramedics.

Caleb Grant is a well-educated freelance writer from Orlando.  As an animal-lover, he enjoys studying and writing about the most famous animals in the world.