How to Choose the Best Luxury Dog Bed

There is no disputing the fact that most people in Britain love their dogs. In days gone by most dogs would sleep on what some people referred to as the ‘dog shelf’ i.e. the floor. Times change and our attitudes to what our dog needs for its comfort has changed considerably. While many dogs either sleep in a basket in the kitchen or on their owner’s bed, some owners want to give their pooch a luxury dog bed.

National Love Your Pet Day!

February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day! Whether you own a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster or any other kind of pet, then this is a day you can dedicate to them. Forget human holidays on the calendar, this day is to spoil the animals in your family, although I’m sure there are lots out there who do every day anyway!

Safe Dog Allergy Treatments

If you've ever seen your dog suffer through a tough bout of allergy symptoms, you know that an uncomfortable pet can make for an uncomfortable owner. No one wants to see their four-legged friend wheezing, scratching, or vomiting, but it's also important to treat your dog's symptoms safely and effectively. Read on for some insight into what causes the most common dog allergies, and relieve your pet's suffering with safe, natural options.

Things You Need to Know About Pet Insurance

Being a responsible pet owner means taking your pet for regular examinations, vaccinations and routine treatments at your local veterinarian's office. However, there are times when your pet requires unexpected treatments for health issues that can be very expensive.

Why Dogs Should Eat Raw Meat And Gelatin

Dogs weren't designed to eat dog food. Dogs are suppose to eat raw meat and gelatin. This is what they evolved to eat. When I talk about raw meat I'm not talking about raw meat from conventional animals. I'm talking about raw meats from grass fed animals. Dogs have a different digestive system than we do and do better with raw meats. Gelatin is something that's actually very good for both humans and dogs.

Super Funny Animals

Humans can sometimes find themselves in deep water, in a multitude of different scenarios. We often rely on other people to be our safety nets. But what happens when your nearest and dearest aren’t nearby?
The MoneySupermarket pet insurance  team have taken a look at some of the truly heroic animals that have got us out of sticky situations when it matters the most.  These situations are frequently saved by man’s best friend, the dog; however, there are other species which also fly the flag for the human race. Notice the super pod of dolphins that saved Todd Endris from a frightful encounter with a great white shark, and the elephant that saved a girl from being killed in the 2004 tsnuami.
These heart-warming stories really highlight the strong bond that humans have with our furry friends, which is why we should make the most of our pets and look after them as much as we can. This includes choosing a suitable insurance policy for those notoriously expensive vets’ bills and giving them more attention than they’ll ever need.

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How To Find The Right Food For Your Pet Fish

It is very important to select the right kind of food for your pet fish. A pet fish can easily become one’s companion for life in the absence of a loved one whom you can talk to and trust, and who can accompany you as life goes on. For some, their lives may actually revolve around their pet fish rather than on people who are surrounding them. Needless to say, fish lovers need to find the right food for their pet fish to ensure that the fish thrive.

5 Tips For Keeping Your Pet Dog Healthy

The health of one’s dog is a top priority for most conscientious pet owners. Understanding the importance of diet and exercise is the first step in making sure pets are healthy and happy. Grooming, choosing appropriate treats and visiting the vet are all great ways to keep pets healthy. The following five tips will help keep pets as happy and healthy as possible.

What Do Experts Advocate for Your Pets!

Our pets fall ill just like we do. Just like we have to be on guard against various internal and external parasites, our pets too have many attackers that cause various illnesses in them. We as humans are blessed with the ability to voice out our pain, but dogs and cats are unfortunate creatures to only express their state of sickness in unspoken ways that are difficult and at times, impossible to fathom by human beings.

Keeping a Horse – Things You Need to Know

Keeping a horse as a pet can be a truly rewarding experience; however it is not one you should approach lightly.

When buying a horse it’s important to remember that it requires a different type of care to a cat or a dog – and in order to get the most out of the experience you will need to be ready to invest your time and money.  By taking good care of your horse you will save yourself money in the long run as a healthy horse will need considerably fewer visits from the vet. A healthy horse will allow you to get the most out the experience.

Tips for buying pet insurance

Pet insurance has become a huge part of a pet lover’s world. A number of policies will take care of medical and routine expenses, such as check-ups, vaccinations and accidents.

Pet insurance is fast growing a huge amount of status, not just in this country but also all over the world. As a pet owner it is imperative that you choose the correct insurance policy.

Healthy Horse Grooming Tips For Winter

When the winter wind hits, it's much more difficult to recognize changes in your horse's health. For instance, weight loss and skin infections are much harder to see through his thick winter coat. Much like humans, horses can have sensitive skin. And just as your skin can become pasty and dry in the winter, so can your horse’s. For that reason, it's important to provide your horse with daily grooming and cleansing. Here are five tips that will help to uncover or prevent problems with your horse throughout the coldest months of the year.