5 Tips For Keeping Your Pet Dog Healthy

The health of one’s dog is a top priority for most conscientious pet owners. Understanding the importance of diet and exercise is the first step in making sure pets are healthy and happy. Grooming, choosing appropriate treats and visiting the vet are all great ways to keep pets healthy. The following five tips will help keep pets as happy and healthy as possible.

1. High Quality Diet

A high quality diet is the best way to ensure health and longevity in one’s dog. Forget about any cheap bags of dog food from the grocery store. The only way to know if a dog food is nutritious is to read the label. Meat should always be the first ingredient. Meat by-products should be avoided. They are typically filled with bone, fur, feathers and other non-nutritious parts of the animal. It is also important to avoid a lot of grain fillers. Brown rice is a much healthier alternative to corn.

2. Regular Exercise

With pet obesity on the rise, dog owners are becoming more concerned with how much exercise their pets are getting. Dogs should get at least one small walk each day. This is great for cardiovascular health and overall body condition. Exercising is great for the dog’s wellbeing also. Happy dogs get regular walks and exercise. This can also help to curb unwanted behaviors.

3. Grooming at Home

Grooming at home is a great way to keep a dog healthy. When a dog owner regularly washes, brushes and even clips their dog, they become familiar with the dog’s body. A diligent pet-owner is likely to notice any small differences in weight, skin and body condition. This is also a great time to bond with one’s dog. Spare Fido the stress of going to the groomer. Get a pair of electric clippers and learn to give him a haircut too.

4. Give Healthy Toys and Treats

Appropriate toys and treats can be healthy alternatives to the old-school ham bones. There are a variety of treats that are specifically aimed at canine dental health. It helps to do a little research before going shopping. The amount of toys and treats to choose from can be overwhelming. There are also treats available with added vitamins and minerals for dogs at different life-stages.

5. Regular Veterinary Visits

Ultimately, routine veterinary visits are the best way to ensure one’s dog is happy and healthy. Scheduling these visits is vital to the health of one’s pooch. A veterinarian can discuss exercise programs. In addition, a veterinarian can suggest healthy food brands.

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