How to Choose the Best Luxury Dog Bed

There is no disputing the fact that most people in Britain love their dogs. In days gone by most dogs would sleep on what some people referred to as the ‘dog shelf’ i.e. the floor. Times change and our attitudes to what our dog needs for its comfort has changed considerably. While many dogs either sleep in a basket in the kitchen or on their owner’s bed, some owners want to give their pooch a luxury dog bed.

When it comes to choosing a bed for your dog, you need to consider the size of your pet, too small a bed will not be comfortable. It is always a good idea to shop around for things and dog’s beds are no exception. Take a look online, but make sure that you have the right measurements before you spend money on a bed.

Designer Dog Beds

As an increasing number of the rich and famous choose to be seen with a dog almost small enough to fit into a large sized tea cup, retailers have been quick to pick up on the trend to luxury items for dogs. Diamond studded collars and a coat for every occasion have been part of the dog owner’s world for some time now.

Designers are quick to pick up on any trend, particularly among the rich and famous who will generally have sufficient money to buy whatever has been dictated as new and fashionable. Those rich owners who want to spoil their pet and who want it to have a luxury dog bed, have triggered a move towards designer dog beds. You can buy a modern dog size sprung divan, or if you have a dog with more traditional tastes, a four poster – providing of course that you can afford the designer price tag.

Quilted or Sheepskin?

The owners of more ordinary dogs also want to give their friend the best that they can afford. Baskets with a blanket are being tossed out in favour of one of the new beds made from sheepskin. Modern dog owners are more concerned with their dog’s comfort than they might have been some years ago.

Visit any pet shop or market stall selling items such as dog beds and you will find that there is a large number from which to choose. An oval shaped faux suede sheepskin bed for your dog can be purchased for under £30, so some luxury beds for dog are not that expensive.

If you take a look online you will find whole ranges of dog beds made from various materials, most designed to keep your dog warm and cosy on a cold night. Pillow pads are another favourite, for those times when your dog doesn’t want to go to bed but needs something between its paws and the cold, hard floor.

Personalized dog beds, embellished with your pet’s name come in a variety of colours and styles and are extremely popular with many dog owners. Some retailers are selling wooden beds with mattresses where the wooden frame can be stained or painted to fit in with your home decor.

It is possible to buy a luxury dog bed that won’t break the bank. We all want our pets to feel loved and to have somewhere comfortable to lay their heads it seems.
Written by the team at House of Paws: Stockists of luxury dog and cat products.