National Love Your Pet Day!

February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day! Whether you own a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster or any other kind of pet, then this is a day you can dedicate to them. Forget human holidays on the calendar, this day is to spoil the animals in your family, although I’m sure there are lots out there who do every day anyway!
For those of you who haven't been that attentive to your pets lately, this day is a chance to give back some much deserved love for them. You give presents and treats to family members and friends on special days, so why get some pet supplies and do the same for the family members who keep secrets the best and will love you know matter what you say? Here are some ways that you could go that extra mile on love your pet day:


Dogs enjoy going out on walks but with winter still hovering around you have probably cut down the time you spend outdoors. As the weather is starting to pick up a bit as we head towards spring, treat your dog to a longer walk. If it is still cold outside wrap them up warm by putting a coat on them, and wrap yourself up better too! You could even try out a different route or drive to somewhere to make even more of the walk, make sure to let them sniff about and take their time too.


Every pet loves a treat and there are so many different types that you can buy now. You could even find a recipe and try making your very own snacks if you wanted to. Of course do not go overboard on the amount you give them as it might make them feel poorly, but a few treats here and there throughout the day won’t harm. I’m sure all dog owners know but as a reminder, remember to never give them real chocolate!


Just like children, animals love it when they have a new toy to play with. Whether you get your dog a new squeaky teddy, your cat a moving toy mouse, or your hamster a new wheel, there are so many items you can find to let them enjoy themselves that bit extra. If you have a dog or cat you could even get involved and play with them.

Break free

If you have a rabbit or rodent as a pet you probably don’t let them out of their cage all too often, especially during the week. Make sure that on this day you let them roam free for a bit so they can stretch their little legs further than their usual four walls. You could even set up some little obstacles and things for them to climb to make it more fun.


Finally the last thing on the list is show them some love. When you’re sat watching TV on a night let them sit on you or cuddle beside you. If you are feeling extra generous you might even let your pet pooch or feline sleep on your bed for the night!