Super Funny Animals

Humans can sometimes find themselves in deep water, in a multitude of different scenarios. We often rely on other people to be our safety nets. But what happens when your nearest and dearest aren’t nearby?
The MoneySupermarket pet insurance  team have taken a look at some of the truly heroic animals that have got us out of sticky situations when it matters the most.  These situations are frequently saved by man’s best friend, the dog; however, there are other species which also fly the flag for the human race. Notice the super pod of dolphins that saved Todd Endris from a frightful encounter with a great white shark, and the elephant that saved a girl from being killed in the 2004 tsnuami.
These heart-warming stories really highlight the strong bond that humans have with our furry friends, which is why we should make the most of our pets and look after them as much as we can. This includes choosing a suitable insurance policy for those notoriously expensive vets’ bills and giving them more attention than they’ll ever need.

Infographic courtesy of Money