What Do Experts Advocate for Your Pets!

Our pets fall ill just like we do. Just like we have to be on guard against various internal and external parasites, our pets too have many attackers that cause various illnesses in them. We as humans are blessed with the ability to voice out our pain, but dogs and cats are unfortunate creatures to only express their state of sickness in unspoken ways that are difficult and at times, impossible to fathom by human beings.

Dogs and cats are commonly kept as pets by most people.  Both these species fall prey to a number of diseases due to parasitic infestation in the form of heartworm infestation, gastrointestinal worms, mites, sarcoptic mange (in dogs) fleas, and lice.

To keep your pets in a healthy state and barking/meowing with joy, you need to follow few steps:
  •  Hygiene is of utmost importance in keeping pets healthy and free from disease-causing pests. Dogs and cats should be bathed daily.
  • The kennel for dogs or the shelter for cats must be cleaned on a regular basis so that the inhabitants inside are free from infectious parasites.
  •  Pets should be trained to eat only from the food plate or bowl that you provide and not from any junk on the road. This way they will be saved from contracting disease-causing agents. You must prefer specialized, packaged pet food for your dogs and cats.  You must avoid feeding your pets with human food as much as possible.
  • Feed your pets with biscuits or other foods that help them clean their teeth. Also, brush their teeth 3-4 times a week for sound dental health.  
  • Train them to avoid places that are dirty such as junkyard or garbage bins. This will help them avoid disease-causing pests.
  • When your pet shows signs of being unwell, never neglect their condition. If you are not able to figure out yourself, rush to a veterinarian.
  • Get your pet vaccinated. By doing so, you ensure your pet’s immune system remains strong, and your pet doesn’t develop serious problems when exposed to harmful agents.
  • If you own a dog, you must treat it with Advocate for dogs. It is a highly effective treatment for dogs that protects them against internal and external parasites for 4 weeks with just one application.
  • Similarly, stronghold for cats is an easy-to-use spot on application treatment for cats. It renders protection to cats against fleas, heartworm, gastrointestinal worms, lungworm, and ear mites. It doesn’t matter in what stage of infection your cat is in. This treatment provides with immediate protection against parasitic infections at all stages and the protective effects last longer.
  • The treatment methodology for Advocate products is spot-on which is so easy. However, the protection granted is so wide. The pets get immunity from a number of infectious parasites. The effect of the treatment starts showing within 20 seconds.
If there’s anything that experts advocate for keeping your cats and dogs in good health, that is a healthy diet, hygiene maintenance, and appropriate treatments against various diseases.  Heed to the advice of these pet health experts, and you won’t see your dog or cat whimper under pain or sickness.