Tips to Take Proper Care of Your Dog's health

When you bring dog in your home as a pet then day by day it becomes on of your family member.So you have to take proper care of your dog's health.Sometimes we are so busy and cannot find time to take care of our dog.But we should manage some time from our busy schedule to take care of our pet.
Today i am starting from very beginning means how to take care your dog from its first day in your house.

Why Pet Insurance is Needed for Your Pet

Pet insurance is one kind of insurance for your pet.Pet is one of your family member so its insurance is necessary like your other family members.If your pet becomes ill or injured in an accident then you need insurance for your pet.Because now a days the cost of veterinary medicine is uprising and so you have to pay a big amount of money for pet's injury.To avoid this expense you better make one reliable insurance for your pet health.

Timing Positive Reinforcement During Dog Training

As with humans, dogs react well to positive reinforcement. Such reinforcement should play a critical role in the training process for your pup, but many people handle this incorrectly because of a small slip up – they provide reinforcement at the wrong time.


You will read over and over that you must be dominant to your pet if you wish it to behave in certain ways. This is true to some extent, but being a power monger isn't the greatest way to proceed with a pet relationship in my opinion.
Do you need to be dominant at times? A dog breeder will tell you the answer is yes. Do you need to use this approach all the time? No. Positive reinforcement is often the better approach.

Natural Dog Seizure Treatment

Watching your dog have a seizure for the first time can be a frightening experience. Most dogs are prone to have seizures. Although, most owners find it difficult to recognize dog seizures, a vet can tell the difference.
Some tremors and shivers resemble seizures, which makes it difficult for pet owners to properly identify a true seizure. When dogs are having a real seizure they are unable to make contact. Their body goes into uncontrollable jerking.

Top Tips for Busy Families to make sure Pet Gets Enough Attention

When you live the busy lifestyles we live today it's really difficult to juggle home life, work life and then still find time to give your pet the attention it deserves. If you own a dog or cat they require care to ensure they are health at all times. Cats are a little more independent and don't need walks, they will happily wait for you to come home and curl up in your lap as you watch TV at night. Dogs on the other hand need interaction, they need to be walked and they need things to occupy them when you are out and about.

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The Free Pet Sitter Revolution

Going on holiday is never without its stresses. Passports need to be found, and often updated. Money needs to be changed and there’s lots and lots of packing to do! If you have pets, a cat or a dog for example, then there’s even more stress. After all, what do you do with Mittens and Rover when you go away?
No pet owner wants to put their dog or cat in a kennel or cattery but what else can you do? You could ask a friend or neighbour to look after them while they’re away, but very often they’re unable to help out or are going on holidays themselves.

Antifreeze Toxicity - The Cure Is A Good Stiff Drink!

Antifreeze poisoning is extremely common in dogs and other small animals due to its sweet taste and widespread availability to animals, whether in garages, carports, or puddles. Unfortunately the knowledge of the dangers of antifreeze to pets is not widespread, and thousands of animals die every year from ingesting it. Antifreeze poisoning affects the brain, liver, and kidneys, although death most often results from renal failure within days.

Understanding Why Your Dog Is Barking And How To Control It

First and foremost you must understand that barking is a language that you do not understand.Yes, the language makes no sense (at least right now), frustrating (since you don’t speak dog), and loud. This combination can make for a frustrating afternoon, good night sleep, or that one moment in day you have to yourself. However, you do not want your dog to remain silent; rather you want to be able to curtail their enthusiasm for expressing their voice.

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Happy And Healthy

Your dogs love you no matter what, whether you are having a bad day or a good day, they love you the same. Your dog is already as happy as can be just with the basic necessities like some, food, water and a nice belly scratch every once in a wile.

Cat pest problems – Fleas and Worms

Cat owners obsess about their feline companions; instagramming photos of photogenic pussies or retelling stories of their mischievous moggy. When our cats are being irritated by pests and parasites it can be harrowing to watch. Lookout for the early warning signs and control pest problems on their behalf, to keep them healthy and happy. This article details a couple of common pest problems for cats and how they can be treated.

Moving With Cats and Dogs

Thousands of people move every year with their pets, yet many people choose to drop their animals off at the local animal shelter instead of taking them with them. Why? Most people in this situation are not ready to handle the needs of a pet that is going through the moving process. We aren't the only ones that feel stress during this event, but if you know what to look for, and you know how to approach things, moving with your animal isn't the problem that you might be expecting it to be. Here are some ways that you can save yourself the heartache of having to give your animal up when you need to relocate to a new home.

Helpful Pet Travel Tips

Traveling with pets can be like traveling with kids, impossible! Of course you love your dogs and you want them to have adventure and not just be locked up in your backyard all the time but sometimes they can be a handful. You already know that pets are a big responsibility, so instead of begging your friend to dog-sit  while you go away here are some tips to make traveling with pets a little easier.

How To Adopt An Animal

There are a number of options for people in the UK who may be interested in adopting an animal.  ‘Adoption’ is the term given to taking on responsibility for an animal that is otherwise cared for by an animal charity (such as the RSPCA) or other charitable organisation.  It can mean very different things, though, depending on where you are adopting your animal from and what type of animal you are adopting.

Reasons To Consider Cremating The Family Dog

It is very traumatic to lose a family pet due to illness or accidents. It is also painful to have one go over the Rainbow Bridge because of old age. Not only have you lost a beloved dog and companion, but now you have to figure out what to do with his bodily remains.

Top 5 Most Deadly Cats

We should consider ourselves fortunate that there are only a small number of deadly cats that exist in the modern era. 25 million years ago, there were a remarkably large and diverse group of felid predators roaming the Earth. The existing cat groups are different in terms of behavior, appearance and size but they are all potentially deadly. Below, we quickly review the top 5 most deadly felid creatures. 
Cat Proof Your Home With 4 Simple And Amazing Tips

Cat Proof Your Home With 4 Simple And Amazing Tips

Bringing a new kitty is no less than welcoming a beloved friend in your family. For making this transition smoother and for keeping your pet safe, you must take out some time for cat proofing your abode prior to bringing home your new kitty friend for the first time.

The Best Family Pet Small Breed Dogs

Toy Poodle

A pooch is a wonderful addition to any family. In addition to providing companionship, owning a dog can help lower your blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you have kids, owning a pet can help teach them how to be nurturing and responsible. Toy Poodles and Shih-tzus make perfect family pets if your living space is small or if you just want a pooch that enjoys cuddling.

Physiotherapy For Animals: What Does It Involve?

Many of you may have already stumbled across the uplifting tale of Wonky the Dog. The puppy, who was sadly abandoned by her owners and dumped on the street, has recently been in the news because she has learned how to walk on her own four paws despite suffering with a chronic joint condition known as ‘knuckling’ from birth. The neglect she suffered in her early years caused this condition to worsen over time, but, with a little help from the team at the Dogs Trust in Leeds, she now lives an almost-normal life, despite her under-developed limbs. It’s a story that’s tugged at the heart strings of millions across the UK and prompted over 600 people to call the centre and offer Wonky a loving new home.

Improving Your Pet’s Health Using Pet Naturals Products

An increasingly common notion during the present day is using more natural and pure ingredients in the foods we ingest. This trend stems from a previously non-transparent method that involved many questionable constituents in the foods we were eating. Upon the real methods being revealed to society, many people shifted their dietary habits.

Are You Lonesome Tonight - 4 Tips For Easing Your Dog's Separation Anxiety

There’s a proverb that suggest it is better to “let sleeping dogs lie.” If you have ever awoken to the pitiful yowling of a new puppy at 2 o’clock in the morning, then you can relate to this statement. It happened to my puppy when we brought home Gingerbelle, our golden retriever.
Should People Go To Jail For Not Picking Up Dog's Mess?

Should People Go To Jail For Not Picking Up Dog's Mess?

Jail Time Is Too Harsh 

Going to jail because you didn't pick up after your dog while outside is a little harsh and there are other ways you can prevent this from ever happening. This is also a waste of taxpayers' money that could be better used to solve more dangerous crimes such as murder, arson or rape. This is still a free society not a dictatorship where every little infringement requires jail time. While it is wrong for a dog owner to not clean up his dog's mess, jail time is not the answer to this problem.
 Humane Society In Cozumel-How Expats Make A Difference

Humane Society In Cozumel-How Expats Make A Difference

American tourists and expats are often accused of being colonists, trying to make wherever they end up just like home. People often ask, why do you ever leave home if every other place comes up short?  I have met this type of tourist, the kind that can never blend in and enjoy a new environment.  They complain loudly, and never realize how boorish they appear to everyone else. 

People Who Hoard Cats

Animal hoarding has been defined as a compulsive need to own animals and results in extremely bizarre behavior. Although there are plenty of dog hoarders, people who hoard cats are far more common and we have all heard the story of ‘the crazy cat lady’. Studies suggest that 80% of cat owners are female which probably explains why most cat hoarders seem to be women. There are an estimated 3,500 cases of animal hoarding each year and 250,000 animals that are victims of this practice. However, this is probably just the tip of the iceberg as huge numbers of cases go unreported according to experts.

Things to Consider While Buying Pet Carrier

Pet carrier is one of the important item specially when your adorable pet go outside. There are some public places like bus, train, metro railway where you cannot travel with your pet. In this situation you have to use carrier. Though a pet cannot talk so you should more careful about their comfort .When you buy a carrier for your adorable pet then you need to keep some important thing in our mind.

Interesting Facts about Cats - From Ancient Egypt to the Present Day

The cat has unusual history: It has walk the way from being proclaimed a witch and after that proclaimed a goddess. People's attitude towards cats is not unambiguous also: some people love cats, others don’t. Furthermore, those people in whom cats can not provoke love are not much in fact.

The progenitor of all domestic cats is the Nubian wild cat, which was tamed five thousand years ago from the Egyptians.

I Thought My Dog Had Just Got Old and There Was Nothing I Could Do

It all started last winter when Roxy, my 8 year old Labrador started to slow down on his walks. This wasn’t like Roxy at all. He was always full of life when he was out, a real ball of energy. It was heartbreaking to see him so slow. He looked disinterested and sad and wouldn’t even chase a squirrel, his favourite pastime.