The Free Pet Sitter Revolution

Going on holiday is never without its stresses. Passports need to be found, and often updated. Money needs to be changed and there’s lots and lots of packing to do! If you have pets, a cat or a dog for example, then there’s even more stress. After all, what do you do with Mittens and Rover when you go away?
No pet owner wants to put their dog or cat in a kennel or cattery but what else can you do? You could ask a friend or neighbour to look after them while they’re away, but very often they’re unable to help out or are going on holidays themselves.
Enter, a website which hopes to solve that problem by connecting pet owners who want to go away on holidays (but need someone to look after the pets) with people who are willing to look after their pets for them.

It’s a simple concept but one that works. The pet owner gets a reliable, trustworthy sitter to look after their pets. The sitter gets to stay somewhere else – often in quite exotic locations abroad like Mexico for free – without paying rent and the pets, well they get to make a new friend or two. Money rarely changes hands. The vast majority of people who house sit on do it for free; after all they’re getting to stay somewhere else for free, and very often saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars on what would be the costs of travel accommodation in that area.

Pet owners can browse through the profiles of registered pet sitters, with those that have police background checks and references from previous pet sitting jobs highlighted. This makes it easy to find the best – and most recommended – pet sitters using the site.

James is a registered pet sitter on and has spent the last nine months pet sitting (for free) in France. During that time he’s taking on four different housesits, looking after six dogs, eleven cats, four turtles and eighteen alpacas.

“While it’s obviously fantastic for pet owners, says James, “it’s also great for pet lovers like myself”. James used to live in a flat in Scotland where keeping pets wasn’t possible. When he decided to go travelling he never imagined that he would be looking after so many different pets.

“It was a very nice surprise” says James. “I enjoy looking after pets. Walking dogs, feeding cats, taming alpacas – it’s all things I’m quite happy to do anyway and since it gives me a chance to live in France it’s the perfect win-win situation for both pet owner and sitter.