Cat Proof Your Home With 4 Simple And Amazing Tips

Bringing a new kitty is no less than welcoming a beloved friend in your family. For making this transition smoother and for keeping your pet safe, you must take out some time for cat proofing your abode prior to bringing home your new kitty friend for the first time.

1.    Hazards at Home

When one brings home a cat, he/she needs to a lot more than simply setting up the litter box and purchasing cat food. A home has certain hazards that might endanger the life your beloved cat. In fact, cat proofing your house includes determining those perils as well as taking imperative steps to eradicate them. Thus, you ought to cat-proof both the exteriors as well as interiors of your abode to help keep the cat safe and secure.

2.    Indoors

Try to get rid of all those physical dangers that you feel are hazardous to your cat. For instance, peace lilies as well as other lily family plants can trigger kidney failure in your cat if ingested. So consider placing the plants at high altitudes or out of your cat’s reach. Ensure to keep all your cleaning supplies in cabinets. Further, citrus oil might make your cat ill though it is safe for humans. Avoid knotting blind pulls, as your cat might get tangled in them. Alike dogs, cats too tend to gulp from toilet, so make sure to always keep the lid closed.

3.    Outdoors

Get in touch with the local poison control center to get a full list of all the toxic plants used for landscaping. Right from flashy hibiscus to the simple tansy, all can make your cat ill. Commercial weed killer and pesticides are toxic to cat, so always keep your cat away from any recently treated landscape areas. Make sure to treat antifreeze leaks and clean oil spills that might take place in your garage.

4.    Final Considerations

Apart from taking preventive measures to prevent your cat from the perils around your house, you also should act wisely to keep some parts of your home safe from the cat. For example, keep away your cat from honing its claws on your newly brought area rug or any furniture item. Further, to make sure that your cat utilizes the litter box, clean the box on a daily basis. Offer a number of toys to help keep your cat engaged.
So these are the four simple and amazing tips for cat-proofing your home before bringing your new friend home.

Matt Walker is an avid pet lover as well as home d├ęcor enthusiast. He also writes on topics related to technology, creativity, entertainment, and so on.