Tips to Take Proper Care of Your Dog's health

When you bring dog in your home as a pet then day by day it becomes on of your family member.So you have to take proper care of your dog's health.Sometimes we are so busy and cannot find time to take care of our dog.But we should manage some time from our busy schedule to take care of our pet.
Today i am starting from very beginning means how to take care your dog from its first day in your house.

  • When you first bring dog at your house don't forget to wash your dog with antiseptic shampoo because before your adoption may be this dog live with another dog or lives in a pet shop so it is very obvious that your dog may be affected by lice.So wash your dog with hot water and antiseptic shampoo.

  • If you adopt very little dog like 2-6 month old then you have feed them by your own hand since at this age dog cannot eat by themselves.You can use feeder to feed them milk.Try to give liquid food to your dog at this young age.Gradually you will give your dog solid food but not very hard.Try to give your dog not very spicy food,dogs food should be boiled only or you can give him/her dogs food like pedigree,dog special cookies.
  • Everyday you must brush your dog's teeth with soft brush otherwise your dog will experience bad breathe in mouth.One secret thing about dogs teeth is like human teeth dogs gum teeth also fall at young age and after that new teeth will grow. So don't be worry.Your dog's teeth will be alright.You also comb your dog's hair everyday otherwise your dog's hair will be ravel.
  • Be careful when you wash your dog with water.When you pour water into your dog's skin then it will start moving at that time water might be go its ear.So try to pour water gently to your dog's body.In summer season you will wash your dog two or three days per week because dog feel very much hot in summer season.In winter season you will wash your dog once per every two week.
  • After bringing your dog at home you must bring him/her to doctor to give vaccination.There are some long and short duration vaccination course.To know more details about vaccination you can view this .
  • Most of the people are unknown about dog's menstrual problem.If you have bitch then it experience menstrual once in every year and most of the time this is happen in summer time and its duration is maximum 30 days. At that time your dog feel weak and it becomes calm and quite.So don't disturb your dog at this time.In menstrual time you should give more nutritious food to her so that she will have sufficient energy.      
  • This is the best time for you to train your dog properly because at young age your dog learn everything whatever you teach him/her.So try to train dog properly.If you have not enough time then you can hire one pet trainer or you can admit your dog in pet training school. If your dog train up perfectly then he/she will become one of your helpful friend . 

  • Last but not least try to pay more attention to your dog otherwise it feel alone and cannot adjust with you.When you come home from office or outside then try to play sometimes with this small member.May be we think that dog cannot understand your ignorance but it is totally false because dog can understand your every word even if you don't say anything.Dog can feel your happiness or sadness.To know how dog can understand your word you can view this article.