I Thought My Dog Had Just Got Old and There Was Nothing I Could Do

It all started last winter when Roxy, my 8 year old Labrador started to slow down on his walks. This wasn’t like Roxy at all. He was always full of life when he was out, a real ball of energy. It was heartbreaking to see him so slow. He looked disinterested and sad and wouldn’t even chase a squirrel, his favourite pastime.
At home he struggled with the stairs and refused to jump up next to me on the sofa, opting for his dog bed on the floor. Selfishly, this hurt me even more than him slowing down. I loved cuddling up to him while watching our favourite soap or a movie, it just didn’t feel right with him on his bed on the floor and I know he missed it too.

Several trips to the vets revealed that Roxy like many older dogs had Arthritis in his hips and front legs. I was given metacam for him which I was told would help with the pain and inflammation, but I was also concerned about some of the side affects I had heard about. I could see that metacam helped him but he still looked miserable, and the thought of him on metacam for 2 or 3 years scared the life out of me.

 That is when I started searching the internet looking for alternatives that didn’t have any long-term side affects. There were lots of products out there but most like chrondrotin and glucosamine were more joint care prevention rather than help for chronic arthritis. I kept looking and eventually found a product called Dog Gone Pain which was new to the UK, but was hugely successful in the USA. The product was an all natural formula and the testimonials were all very positive.

 Well I am very sceptical by nature and although I have no issues with herbal or natural remedies, I have never really believed in them. There was no medical data on the product just great reviews and the website stated that the product worked quite quickly and you should notice results within two weeks or sooner. They also offered a trial pack size at a reduced rate. I thought was a great idea, given that they stated it worked quite quickly. Why would they offer this I thought unless they were sure it would work.

Still sceptical I called the company and left a message with their answering service that afternoon. I thought no more about it until the phone rang about an hour later, it was a lady from Dog Gone Pain. She was very helpful and explained exactly how the product worked and also how to use it and slowly reduce the metacam. She even informed me that it didn’t work for all types of pain management but with arthritis it seemed to help most dogs that tried it. All this assistance and I was only going to try the trial pack, I was impressed. Now all I hoped is that the product worked as well it did on hundreds of other dogs stated using it and Roxy would be a happy camper.

Three days later the trail pack arrived and I started Roxy on the tablets and gradually reduced his metacam. I swear I saw Roxy smiling again on the second day and on the third I could not believe my eyes. Roxy sat looking at me as I was on the sofa and then suddenly without hesitation jumped up and with a plop was nestled next to me and sighing. I had got my dog back and it felt fantastic.

I do not normally take pen to paper and write about my experiences but this product has changed our lives and Roxy is no longer that old and miserable dog. He even takes my slippers off my feet and makes me chase him around the kitchen, something he hadn’t done for months.

Thank you Dog Gone Pain I am telling everyone about your product as I hope it helps hundreds of more dogs like it did Roxy.