Should People Go To Jail For Not Picking Up Dog's Mess?

Jail Time Is Too Harsh 

Going to jail because you didn't pick up after your dog while outside is a little harsh and there are other ways you can prevent this from ever happening. This is also a waste of taxpayers' money that could be better used to solve more dangerous crimes such as murder, arson or rape. This is still a free society not a dictatorship where every little infringement requires jail time. While it is wrong for a dog owner to not clean up his dog's mess, jail time is not the answer to this problem.

Neighbors Can File A Complaint 

If your neighbor continues to leave his dog's mess on your front lawn even when there is a sign on it that asks people to not leave a dog's poop there, you can first meet with the culprit if you know his name and where his house is. Tell him that it is not fair for you to have to clean up his dog's poop when the dog owner should be responsible enough to do it himself. If you tried this and your neighbor is doing the same thing, you can file a complaint with the neighborhood association if one exists in your area. Another idea is to install a gate in front of the lawn to deter your neighbor's dog from pooping on it.

Sometimes There Is Not Much You Can Do 

Even if there was a law that allowed for jail time for those who didn't pick up after their dogs, this would still not keep other dog owners from doing this and since homeowners will have a hard time finding the person who keeps leaving his dog's mess in front of their homes, it would be a waste of time for the detective and police to investigate. The homeowners should realize that there are times when there isn't much they can do to solve the problem other than just clean up the other dog's mess.
In conclusion, one would like to think that all persons in the neighborhood respect each other enough to not leave their dog's mess around for another person to pick up. However, as our society becomes more selfish, we can expect to see less respectful behavior from our neighbors. But putting them in jail will not get rid of the problem.

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