Tips For Keeping Your Dog Happy And Healthy

Your dogs love you no matter what, whether you are having a bad day or a good day, they love you the same. Your dog is already as happy as can be just with the basic necessities like some, food, water and a nice belly scratch every once in a wile.
Sometimes life gets busy and you are swamped with work, or you have finals that are just stressing you out and you unintentionally neglect your dog. When your dog gets ignored and forgotten that is when they become unhappy which can lead to them becoming unhealthy.

Happy And Healthy

We want to keep our dogs happy and healthy as much as we want to keep ourselves happy and healthy and owning a dog comes with that responsibility. If you are unable to give your pet the attention and care it deserves than owning a pet is not something for you. You do not have to spoil your pets and take them to be groomed every week and buy them all the latest dog accessories, but you do have to give them care and some comfort.
It’s the little things that make a big difference in your pet’s health and happiness. For example, you feed your pet everyday, what you actually feed them is important. If you just feed them scraps from your own lunch or dinner you are making them happy, but not very healthy.
In the long run, your dog can develop serious health issues because their bodies aren’t made for pizza or taco Tuesday. Making sure your dog is getting fed dog food that has proper nutrients is important.

Exercise Is Key

Dogs are made for running around, jumping, catching and swimming so keeping them locked up in a small backyard is not healthy. Dogs need exercise like we need exercise so make sure you walk your dog, play with your dog or even take your dog in the car with you for a drive. They want to see the world too and hate being cooped up for days.
Pet safety is also important so you do not want them around anything toxic to their health or around something that can hurt them. When the weather is hot you want to make sure they are hydrated and that they have some shade too. Some owners purchase a canopy for pets when they go away camping or to the park because the sun can be even harsher to deal with for them.
Giving your dog love is important but make sure they are also staying healthy!

Kelly Swaim is marketing associate for Bravo Sports makers of animal shade products under their Quik Shade Pets brand.