Top Tips for Busy Families to make sure Pet Gets Enough Attention

When you live the busy lifestyles we live today it's really difficult to juggle home life, work life and then still find time to give your pet the attention it deserves. If you own a dog or cat they require care to ensure they are health at all times. Cats are a little more independent and don't need walks, they will happily wait for you to come home and curl up in your lap as you watch TV at night. Dogs on the other hand need interaction, they need to be walked and they need things to occupy them when you are out and about.

Set an Exercise Routine

Exercising your dog shouldn't be one family members responsibility; if you have teenagers in the house why not share the days to ensure your dog gets plenty of walks.
If you find it almost impossible to walk your dog with your work schedule ask a neighbor if they'll take your dog out when they walk their own or consider a dog walking service. The dog walking services are great, they take your dog for a long walk and your dog gets to play and socialize with other dogs at the same time, it's a win-win situation.

Meal Times

Meal times for your pet should be set in stone, both dogs and cats like routine. You will notice that your cat will eat small amounts throughout the day while a dog will gulp everything down in one sitting. The amount and how often your pet is fed will depend on their energy levels and the amount of exercise they get.
Dogs up to one year should be fed twice a day, taking their daily allowance and separating it in half; they should get half in the morning and half at night. As they get older this can be changed to the full serving given either in the morning or evening.
Again share the responsibilities of feeding the pet with other family members and order your pets food through an online pet food delivery site to save time and ensure you always have ample food. It's convenient and you'll always have food for your pet in the house.

Toys and Play Time

Dogs need human interaction especially if you only have one dog in the house. Now you've arranged for a dog walking service and you get your pet food through an onlinepet food delivery service. But your dog will want more. They need to be entertained, some breeds more than others. Dogs such as Jack Russell terriers, Border Collies and any other of your working dogs that live in a residential environment need to be constantly stimulated.
You could ensure the children go into the garden each day and play catch with the dog for a few hours. Also you could arrange for the dog to have training on a regular basis and there is a variety of great toys 
keep them busy and actively using their minds, such as the hard Kong toys which you can fill with peanut butter or the rolling balls with holes where you can hide treats inside to keep them busy for hours.
It's so important that owning a pet is a huge responsibility and if you are already struggling with a busy schedule and your child is begging for a dog or cat, you need to ensure that you can have a fixed routine in place where the whole family works together to meet the needs of your new pet. Remember that if you choose a puppy or kitten they will need more work than an older pet which is already house-trained.