Summer Choices for Cute Dog Clothes

When it comes to buying cute dog clothes, it is important to consider a number of vital aspects. It is a fact that for many people, their dog is a lot more than "just a dog" for them. Dogs have become a vital part of families and most people consider them like their children. Therefore, we always want them to look their cutest. Dog clothing or pet supply is one of the best ways of enhancing the personality of your beloved pet. When people consider dog clothes, they mostly come up with an idea of coats and sweaters. In other words, they only consider clothes to keep their pet warm and comfortable. However, dog clothing is a lot more than that. It is about making your beloved pet stand out from the rest and be able to reflect their personality. Given below are some high quality and unique cute dog clothes ideas that are highly fashionable as well as fully functional.

Making a Home-cooked Meal for Your Pet Dog

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Since a lot of dog food batches were recalled, there has been a resurgence in making home-cooked meals for puppies. You’ll just need a few ingredients to get started, and your puppies will probably be healthier and cost less, if you go this route. The only downside is that you have to spend a little time in preparation, versus just chucking a few dog food cans in the shopping cart at the grocery store.

First, you’ll need to load up on some grains. Choose between either long grain brown rice, white rice, barley, or oatmeal. Then, choose a couple different types of vegetables like carrots, green leafy vegetables, or cauliflower. Next, choose protein like kangaroo, been, or lamb. That’s right, you can go as wild as you want on the meat. Choose from either bison, venison, ostrich, or kangaroo if you want to.

Ideas On How To Donate To Pet Charities

Animal charities such as the RSPCA are supported by the British public to provide care and protection for a wide range of animals: from wild animals that may be injured to pets that may need rehoming.  Donations to the RSPCA and similar charities can be made in several different ways.  Here are some of the most common ways that people so kindly donate to charities:

Getting Your Dog-Walking Business Established

Dog walking is a surprisingly competitive business these days. In any residential neighborhood where dog walkers are needed, you’ll more than likely find several walkers already competing for the business. Dog walking is simply one of those careers that a lot of people want – you get flexible work hours, the joy of working with the animals you (presumably) love, and a lot of exercise. And in the right area it can be a lucrative business as well. So if you’re planning on starting a dog walking business, the main question is how can you get established? How can you build up a clientele – or even get that all-important first client? Here are a few pieces of advice you may not have considered.
Are Protected Species Having An Impact On Your Business?

Are Protected Species Having An Impact On Your Business?

Most of us value the various creatures which inhabit our country and understand the importance of preserving the diversity. However, at the same time protected species can cause upheaval for some businesses, hampering operations. Fortunately, there are ways of ensuring that such creatures are properly protected without so much disruption.

The Yellow Dog Project - What It Is And Why It Is Useful

When you are driving and you approach a yellow light, you know that means caution.  The Yellow Dog Project uses a yellow ribbon on the leashes of dogs that need space to signify the same thing.  
The Yellow Dog Project was created to bring awareness to the public about those dogs that need some space from people and other dogs while they are in training, recovering from injury, and being rehabilitated. Other reasons may include other types of health issues or being frightened or aggressive around other dogs.

The Effects Of Poor Socialization

Proper socialization has a huge impact on a dog’s temperament and its outlook on life. When properly socialized, a dog is relaxed and comfortable, rather than fearful, when he or she encounters new things, people, or animals. 
Socialization is the process of introducing a dog to new experiences so that they become familiar. Dogs that have been properly socialized have learned how to respond to new situations positively without fear or aggression. While it is essential to laying the groundwork for appropriate behavior later, socialization is also crucial for preventing unprovoked dog aggression, which is most often caused by the lack of proper socialization.

Do Yorkshire Terriers Make Good Pets?

Some people prefer large dogs, the type that bound around and leap up high to catch Frisbees and frighten potential burglars into trying their luck elsewhere.  Other people prefer little dogs, the type that like to sit on laps, take little walks around the park and make little yapping noises to greet the postman. 
If you are one of the latter people, then you might be interested in searching for Yorkshire Terriers for sale in your local area. 

How Dog Treats Can Be Used To Train For Crufts

Crufts, probably the biggest dog show in the world, held in the UK. It is home to thousands of people and dogs every year with numerous awards available. However, the most disputed award is the best in show award which is contested by hundreds of breeds. With so many people aiming for this award it’s not surprising that people train their dogs to exceptional standards, but how? There are two main ways; clickers and dog treats. This post will take a look at how dog treats can be used to train for Crufts and in turn, possibly help win the well renowned best in show award.

What To Look For In Dog Training

Dog training is something that every dog owner thinks about at one time or another.  Some may casually wonder occasionally if they need to look into it, while others make like a jet for the first place they can find to save their belongings from their new puppy.  While dog training is a great way to get your dog to behave, it should not be taken lightly.  Finding the right trainer is imperative.  What should a dog owner look for in a dog trainer?

How To Fight Hot Spots On Dogs

Moist dermatitis or moist eczema, commonly known as hot spots, is a condition that causes lesions on a dog that are irritated, moist and red. The head and chest are typical places to get hot spots, but dogs may get them anyplace. A dog with a heavy coat may be more susceptible to hot spots.  After hot spots first appear, they may quickly grow due to dogs constantly chewing, licking and scratching the irritated areas to try to relieve discomfort.

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Assistance Dogs on Cruise Ships

Despite regulations or rules that deny access to animals in restaurants and other public places, in many countries, guide dogs and other types of assistance dogs are protected by law, and therefore may accompany their handlers most places that are open to the public. Laws and regulations vary worldwide:

What restrictions are there for the entry of assistance dogs in different countries?


  •  Full and free pedestrian use of a street, highway, sidewalk or other access to the same extent that any other person has a right to.
  • There are restrictions regarding the entry of service animals into Alaska. Customers planning to travel to Alaska should contact Alaska State Attorney General.

Online Pet shop in United States of America (U.S.A)

Now a days people are so busy so it is tough for him/he to manage some time to go market and buy some accessories for his pet. In this situation online shopping is the best solution.Online shopping saves time.You can get things within a very short time.If you are new in the town then you don't need anyone's help to find the pet shop for you so online shopping is also hazard free shopping. Today i am giving you the address of some online petshop in U.S.A. and these petshops are top online shop in U.S.A so you can trust on their product quality and price.


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My Chocolate Lab, Best Dog Until the End

Last winter my chocolate lab Jebadiah passed away.  He was a wonderful dog, and I will really miss him.  Jeb was my best friend and the best hunting dog I ever had.
I would take Jeb out every season for wild turkey hunting in South Dakota. Jeb had many characteristics that made him a great dog.  He was intelligent, gentile and a great family dog.