How Dog Treats Can Be Used To Train For Crufts

Crufts, probably the biggest dog show in the world, held in the UK. It is home to thousands of people and dogs every year with numerous awards available. However, the most disputed award is the best in show award which is contested by hundreds of breeds. With so many people aiming for this award it’s not surprising that people train their dogs to exceptional standards, but how? There are two main ways; clickers and dog treats. This post will take a look at how dog treats can be used to train for Crufts and in turn, possibly help win the well renowned best in show award.

When training a dog for any show there are a few things to remember. One of the main things to remember to do is be patient. This means that if your dog doesn’t get something at first, keep trying it until they do. Being patient is essential for dog shows, after all, you have to wait for your turn to show your dog and you need to wait for your breed to be the one being presented. If you’re not the most patient of people just remember to never get angry with your dog, as this will have a negative effect on your dog’s attitude to shows. They do have feelings too you know!
Another thing to remember is that your dog can be aided to perfection quickly. This is done by using dog treats. When your dog does something right, reward them. This will help them to remember what they have just been taught and in turn will help them learn new things quicker. This can save time and provide exceptionally good results. Something that many dog trainers do is hold a tiny bit of a treat in their hand during the show to keep the dog’s head up. Be aware that if your dog is used to a treat being in your hand during training or if it protrudes from your hand too much during a show then your dog will most likely become obsessed with getting it off you and this will lead to a poor performance.
A good way to use treats when training dogs is to gradually reduce the amount they gain as they get better, or get into the habit of giving them a treat after a show instead of during. This way the dog will either be motivated to get more of your dog training treats or more motivated to finish with a good result. If you can make it look like your dog’s performance is completely authentic with no use of treats or food, it can improve the chance of getting a higher result in the shows.
Obviously Crufts is going to be a lot harder than regular dog shows, but using regular shows as a means to improve your technique in the ring will undoubtedly help in the long run. Just remember the two key points above - patience and perfection – and you’ll be on the road to Crufts in no time.

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