Ideas On How To Donate To Pet Charities

Animal charities such as the RSPCA are supported by the British public to provide care and protection for a wide range of animals: from wild animals that may be injured to pets that may need rehoming.  Donations to the RSPCA and similar charities can be made in several different ways.  Here are some of the most common ways that people so kindly donate to charities:


By putting money in a tin you can help to provide day-to-day care for animals being cared for by the charity.  Every penny counts and can pay for things like food, blankets and toys at your local animal shelter.

Regular donations:

Setting up a direct debit, even for a very small amount each month, helps charities to be able to estimate how much income they will receive each year.  As well as paying for day-to-day care, this means that the charities can also budget for bigger projects and long-term care such as building new shelters.

One-off gifts:

You may choose to send in a one-off amount of, say £50 as a gift for your favourite animal charity, perhaps in response to a televised appeal for more help at a time of crisis.


If you haven’t already got a Will, you should consider making one to ensure that your estate is handled properly in the event of your death.  In any Will you can leave a gift of a set amount, or of a percentage of what you own at the time of your death, to charity.  Charities rely heavily on generous legacies from animal lovers and the money is always put to good use.

Charity gifts:

Some charities, including the RSPCA, have special gifts that you can buy for loved ones that will actually fund the work that they are doing.  If you know someone who is difficult to buy for as they already have what they may need or want, adopting an animal on their behalf and having the charity send a card and regular information to them can be a lovely gift that will do a lot of good.


You don’t have to donate money: giving your time to a charity is very valuable.  If you can spare some time on a regular basis then contact your local charity to see whether you can help in any way. 
It doesn’t matter how little you feel you have to offer: every bit counts and can make a real difference to animals being cared for in your local area and nationally.  Your money can help to protect pets from abuse and neglect and make sure that their owners are punished for their actions and prevented from harming any other animals.
Animals can’t talk for themselves.  Fortunately there are charities there to speak up for them: but without money from the government, such charities rely on your support and donations to keep doing their valuable work.

This is a guest post by Claire Chat a new Londoner, travel passionate and animal lover. She blogs about Pets and Travelling in Europe. If you want Claire to write you specific content, you can find email her here or contact her on Twitter (Claire_Chat).