Making a Home-cooked Meal for Your Pet Dog

Video Courtesy- Street Smartz

Since a lot of dog food batches were recalled, there has been a resurgence in making home-cooked meals for puppies. You’ll just need a few ingredients to get started, and your puppies will probably be healthier and cost less, if you go this route. The only downside is that you have to spend a little time in preparation, versus just chucking a few dog food cans in the shopping cart at the grocery store.

First, you’ll need to load up on some grains. Choose between either long grain brown rice, white rice, barley, or oatmeal. Then, choose a couple different types of vegetables like carrots, green leafy vegetables, or cauliflower. Next, choose protein like kangaroo, been, or lamb. That’s right, you can go as wild as you want on the meat. Choose from either bison, venison, ostrich, or kangaroo if you want to.
Now, a good rule of thumb when making the meal is to use 30% green, 30% vegetables, and 40% protein. It will just come out to a better balanced meal.

Put a little olive oil into a pot and cook the meats. Next, cook the rice, or whatever grain you chose. Thirdly, cut up or pulp the vegetables so they’re absorbed easily. When the meats are nearly cooked, then toss in the vegetables. Don’t overcook the vegetables. You want to keep them at least half raw. You need to add in three eggs, and you need to cook them with the vegetables inside to pot so that the food is just a little more palatable.

You can also warm up the food to room temperature if you’ve put it in the refrigerator, and it’s kind of cold. Just add in a little hot water. You can even enrich it with some vitamin E, salmon oil, flax oil, or vitamin C.

For your convenience, you can cook up to one week of home-cooked meals all at once. You can freeze the rest of it in little daily portions for your convenience. Just be sure to place the food supply for the next day from the freezer to the chiller area of your refrigerator so that the meal will be ready for the next day. Place a little note on your refrigerator to remind you to do so. Your poor pet won’t have any homemade food to eat if you forget to do so.

Before you plunge into a full homegrown diet for your dog, it’s best to try a few different meals to see how the dog likes it.

A lot of dogs get their minerals and vitamins through eating whole bone, so pet owners have to make sure that their dogs are getting those nutrients. Pet owners have to make sure that they’re getting those ground or whole, and mixed in with the meal, or through some kind of prepackaged food supplement.

Homemade and raw diets can be very expensive for pets, and they can be very time-consuming too. Consider if you really want to switch carefully.

Video Courtesy- Street Smartz