Keeping Your Kitten On It’s Toes

When you bring a new kitten home it is tempting to get caught up in cuddles, play time and of course, taking more pictures that you can actually fit in an album! Kittens immediately become part of the family however just like a new baby, or an elderly relative, you need to ensure that you are providing the right nutrients and care so that they enjoy the best possible life. One of the best ways to give your kitten a head start is by choosing the right diet plan for its needs. If you are looking to give your kitten the right vitamins and minerals to support its development, here are our top tips.

Top Tips to Consider When Moving Your Pet Abroad

So you are moving abroad and you have found the perfect house; what should you do with your beloved pet? Although it may be difficult for you, the best thing for your pet might be to leave it with family or friends back home in the location that it is familiar with. However, if you are considering relocating your pet to your new home overseas, here are a few aspects that you need to consider.

Your Pet Has Needs Too

Just like you, your pet has feelings. Do you think it can endure a long-haul flight in a confined cabin along with a range of other animals? Taking your pet away from what is known all its life may be damaging and too stressful in the long run. If your pet has a particularly anxious temperament, chances are that it will not adapt well to its new home. However, if your pet’s behaviour is relaxed then it is likely to acclimatise well.