Keeping Your Kitten On It’s Toes

When you bring a new kitten home it is tempting to get caught up in cuddles, play time and of course, taking more pictures that you can actually fit in an album! Kittens immediately become part of the family however just like a new baby, or an elderly relative, you need to ensure that you are providing the right nutrients and care so that they enjoy the best possible life. One of the best ways to give your kitten a head start is by choosing the right diet plan for its needs. If you are looking to give your kitten the right vitamins and minerals to support its development, here are our top tips.
Kittens have small stomachs but they need to eat a lot to support their fast growing bodies. Choose small portions 4-5 times a day and ensure that the food that you opt for is designed to suit a kitten’s body.

Check that the food you feed your tiny terror is packed with protein as this is what helps support growing bones and muscle, it also helps give your kitten the energy it needs to explore its new home!

If your kitten is left alone during the day, place bowl of died kitten food within reach. This is a great addition to your cat’s diet and will aid its development and will act as an extra snack during the day. If you are feeding your cat dry food, check to make sure it is suitable for kittens.

As always, all animals need access to fresh water and cats definitely know when they are being fobbed off with a water bowl that hasn’t been changed for three days! Change your kitten’s water at least once a day and check to make sure that they are actually drinking out of it. Some cats prefer running water instead of water in a bowl so let them lap a little next time you do the washing up.

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The author of this article is Vet Medic.