Top Tips to Consider When Moving Your Pet Abroad

So you are moving abroad and you have found the perfect house; what should you do with your beloved pet? Although it may be difficult for you, the best thing for your pet might be to leave it with family or friends back home in the location that it is familiar with. However, if you are considering relocating your pet to your new home overseas, here are a few aspects that you need to consider.

Your Pet Has Needs Too

Just like you, your pet has feelings. Do you think it can endure a long-haul flight in a confined cabin along with a range of other animals? Taking your pet away from what is known all its life may be damaging and too stressful in the long run. If your pet has a particularly anxious temperament, chances are that it will not adapt well to its new home. However, if your pet’s behaviour is relaxed then it is likely to acclimatise well.

Make a Date with the Vet

Now that you have decided to relocate your animal, you need to book an appointment with your vet. This way you can be certain that they will have all the appropriate vaccinations, micro-chips and pet passports that they need in order to be allowed into a new country. The vet will also be able to advise you on your animal’s needs whilst away, such as its diet and routine.

Count Your Coins

There is no cheap way to go about relocating your pet abroad.There are endless costs to ensure that your pet’s welfare’s is maintained so it is vital that the move is worthwhile and financially viable. You need to take into account the vet costs, the flights, documentation fees, quarantine fees as well as the time it will take to organize the move. Is Fluffy the hamster’s journey really worth it?

Expert Services

If your pet is unable to fly with an airline company, there is always the option of using a specialist company to transport your precious cargo. There are companies, such as Abels Removals Newmarket, that work closely with specific airlines that transport the majority of animal types. In addition, they are guaranteed to have significant experience working with all animals, giving you that extra piece of mind.

Make Your New Home Pet Friendly

It is essential that your new home abroad is suitable for your pet to move into straight away. It would have had a stressful experience travelling, whether it had been on a plane on a boat, so you need to ensure that it can settle in as soon as possible. You can do this by spreading your pet’s familiar toys around the house, along with their bed and blankets; this will make your pet feel more comfortable with their surroundings enabling them to adapt without a problem.

This article has been written by Holly Whitaker, on behalf of Abels Removals Newmarket.