My Favorite Pet ,German Shepherd Puppy

I was never interested in dogs. No matter what their breed is. I often looked people who took care of puppies like their own children. It was a bit amazing to me that how they do so. Once we need a dog for our house and got a GSD. It was an outstanding experience but unfortunately I have not got one like that. He had great courage. These dogs are really loyal and can easily work in any situation. These are so intelligent and active as well. I love them because they can easily become the treasured part of your family. One thing I would definitely love to mention that they are so good in bonding with your family.

Their emotional attachment is certainly outstanding. This attachment gets stronger with the passage of time. Another reason for why they are my favorite is their athletic nature. They just need bit training and can easily get ready to play with you. Most of the people like them just because of their fearless nature. They are also used to detect illicit drugs. Armed forces love them as they are so helpful to catch the criminals. Most of people do not call them breed but yes”a lifestyle.This guide and assistance dog is so obedient to his master.

Though they have a very good stamina but of course they need some exercises as well to stay healthier and stronger. Black German shepherd puppy is my favorite pet because they do not live like a “couch potato”. We can proudly say that they are the breed of action. Such dogs need an active master as well who could treat them properly and give them accurate tasks to perform.GSD likes children. As most of people say, but they are not tan dogs.

They are also in solid black. If we train them properly, they can never become aggressive. I love their movements, as they are outstanding. If you are having a GSD, you also observed their muscles. Their noble head, strong neck, bushy tail andideal coat are enough features to love them. These dogs are much more defensive than any other breed. They are ideal companions for your family, as they will enjoy if you give them proper food, water, space to live and exercise. Do not forget to love them, as it will make them more obedient.