Viral Content Buzz Contest - Opportunity to Earn 1000 USD & Marketing Your Content at the Same Time!

Dear Readers of Per Care, during this summer time i am going to give you one COOL actually not cool it is Super Cool news about one contest. The prize money for the winner of this contest is 1000 USD. There are other prizes also for this contest. The content is announced by Viral Content Buzz.

Do you know Viral Content Buzz? If you do not know then you can get some review about this website in the post Get Social Share in Viral Content Buzz ! This is an wonderful site for them who are looking for content sharing in social media. This is an alternative content marketing in a very fair and social way.

In brief, you will get social share for you contents if you add your content link in this site. You can earn free credits for you content just by sharing others content through your social profile and you can use those credits for your own contents.

This time they have announced one awesome contest and there is nothing to loose if your participate in this contest. You will get money as well as social share for your content just by participating the contest. The design of the contest is like this.

Requirement to Particiapte in the Contest:

1. You must have to sing up in Viral Content Buzz and you can do it here Sign Up for Viral Content Buzz.

2. You need to add your content in Viral Content Buzz within 12th June 2013 to 12 July 2013
3. You must have one paypal acocunt because your prize money will be sent only through Paypal.

Prizes for the Contest:

1. The first prize will get the person who will be able to get most share in his content through Viral Content Buzz and the prize money is 1000 USD.
 2. The content with most click through Viral Content Buzz will get 500 USD.
3. The most sharing content promoter will get 200 USD and this prize is for multiple person. You can make a blog and have a review about the contest and add it here, Spread the Word.

Dead Line for the Contest:
The deadline for the contest is 12th July, 2013

Video Promotion for The Contest:

Badges for Viral Content Buzz:

Viral Content Buzz

To get more details about this contest you can read the post so that you can get the details idea of the contest: Viral Content Buzz Grand Contest!