Best Gift Ideas for Your Bowwow

Dogs are commonly known as man’s best friend for a reason. They are people’s loyal buddy and they their master’s completely. The will forgive us anything and ye they ask for so little in return. As a reward for their faithfulness, most people only think to give their dogs tasty treats.  But like people, dogs love to receive gifts too! Imagine how happy he is during Christmas morning. If your dog has birthday coming up or you’re thinking of doing your Christmas shopping early, the following gift ideas will help you make a decision on the best and ideal gift for your dog or dog lover in your life.

Top Dog Food Choices For Canines

With so many different selections of dogfoods, from dry to wet to treats, it’s no wonder why owners have a difficult time choosing. The truth of the matter is that it is easy to spot good food just by reading the first few ingredients on the package. Just as heath conscious consumers avoid over processed food, so too should pet owners. Food jam packed with corn, and meal by-product should always be avoided. The best brand to avoid at all costs is those Beneful bags that are sold just about in any store. Although, there are three brands of dog food that are both safe and healthy for dogs to enjoy; and considered by both pet experts and veterinarians as top quality dog food options. Quality dog food comes with a price tag and to cut down on costs, look around for dog food coupons, its a great way of saving money on costly quality food.

Vet Clinics Save Pets and the Environment

Vet clinics are just like any other facility that requires electricity to provide the care for our furry friends. It’s good to know that there are some clinics that take care of our pets and are also doing their share to take care of the environment.

One way for clinics to go green is to turn to cleaner sources of electricity. There’s a very good chance that the power that we get from the grid comes from coal-fired power plants. According to the World Coal Association, the world gets 41 percent of its electricity from coal-power plants.

Tips for Joint Care of Your Dog

Dear pet lovers, in this article i am going to describe about some common joint related disease of dogs. I will also provide some tips regarding the joint care for dogs.

Joint Diseases in Dog:
Noninfectious osteoarthritis is a kind of disease which is very common in aging dogs. The disease is a kind of progressive one and it is not uncommon to a veterinarian to detect this disease while regular check up of a dog. Because the symptoms are easy to recognize.
Osteoarthritis is a kind of disease in dogs which affects one out of each five dogs during their old ages. But it can also be observed in young dogs also. Hip dysplasia, ruptured cruciate ligaments, patella luxation, joint trauma, and other joint conditions are the main causes of degenerative arthritis and can also be seen in young dogs.

 Another point is that the large breed dogs suffer from this disease more than the small dog breeds. Because the dogs which are large and heavy weight, they feel extra pressure and strain in their joints and ligaments. Dogs usually feel this kind of osteoarthritis related pain when they get up in the morning or when they get up from a nap. If the surrounding of the dog is cold and damp, then the dog feels the stiffness and pain more. Degenerative arthritis can be taken care of closely, otherwise it will make the dogs life miserable.

The diagnosis is made using X-RAY and it can be found some problem in the dogs joints.

How to Treat Joint Diseases in Dog?
Dog joint disease is incurable but i can be controlled if it is properly taken care of. Joint diseases can be treated by physical therapy and also by weight control of a heavy weight dog. But if the dog is not heavy weight but still suffering from arthritis, in that case  Acupuncture is the best therapy. If the condition is severe, all of these treatments can be used at the same time. You can get more information here.

In some cases, surgical treatments like the hock of elbow can provide comfort to the dogs and restores the limb movement.

Physical Therapy of Dogs for Arthritis:

The best way to control the arthritis is physical therapy. Physical exercise like swimming is an excellent way to get rid of painful arthritis. Other type of exercises are also a great way which can be treated as physical therapy in dogs. But make sure that dogs having arthritis do not stand on their back legs or jump up and down or exercise too much.

If your dog is getting overweight then you need to control your dogs weight. Because overweight is a good cause of arthritis both in human and dogs.

Supplements for Dog Joint Diseases:

Actually supplements cannot cure dog joint diseases. But if you feed you dog at his or her younger age with the dog joint supplements then in the long run you will get good results. Because it will make the joints of your dog more healthy.

Housetraining Your Pet in 3 steps

Housetraining Your Pet in 3 steps

As soon as you arrive home with your new pet, housetraining begins. The learning process starts as you walk in the front door. Your pet learns from you and from other animals that may be present. Housetraining poses so many challenges but it is necessary to help you live harmoniously with your pet. To make it easier, there are three main things you can do to housetrain your pet effectively.
Dealing With Obesity Problems In Dogs

Dealing With Obesity Problems In Dogs

Obesity In Dogs

A recent study revealed that more than 10% of dogs in America are obese. This means that there are over seven million dogs in the country suffering from obesity and the related problems.  Many people do not know whether their dogs are obese or not. You can watch out for certain signs to find out the obesity in your dog.