Dealing With Obesity Problems In Dogs

Obesity In Dogs

A recent study revealed that more than 10% of dogs in America are obese. This means that there are over seven million dogs in the country suffering from obesity and the related problems.  Many people do not know whether their dogs are obese or not. You can watch out for certain signs to find out the obesity in your dog.
  • If you able to grab a handful of fat from the stomach and chest areas, your dog is obese 
  •  If you find that it is difficult to feel the ribs and spine of your dog, they may be lying under the fat deposit
  •  If you find that your dog has a sagged abdomen, which easily noticeable from the sides, your dog may be obese
  •   If you feel that there is no waistline for your dog when you observe it from above, then you can suspect obesity
You should not put your dog on a controlled diet as soon as you suspect obesity in the dog. First you have to consult with a veterinarian to make sure that your dog does not have any medical condition.

Weight Loss Plan For Dogs

Once you make sure that you’re your dog is suffering from overeating and obesity, you can opt for a weight loss plan. You have to consider the amount of food you are giving to the dog at present.  Do not opt for any diet food for dogs which are available in the market. It is better to do portion control for dogs. Reduce the carbohydrate food items and instead of it provide more protein containing foods. Gradually reduce the portion size.  You can try out different dog food preparations at home to find out what your dog likes. Now you have to decide how many times you want to feed the dog in a day. Giving four or five meals per day will make your dog happy as it will not feel hungry even if you reduce the portion size.

Add Veggies To The Diet

 You can reduce the calories in the diet of the dog by adding more vegetables to their diet. This will help the dog feel full. You can add green beans and crunchy carrots to make the food delicious for your dog. You may add some condiments also, if your dog loves it. The veggies in the diet help in proper bowel movements.

Make The Dog Move

Dogs also need exercise to keep their body healthy and to keep their bones strong.  Take the dog to walk or make the dog to fetch things so that they have to move from their place. Moving helps in the proper digestion of the food and improves the blood circulation. Exercises will increase the metabolic rate and this will prevent at deposition. You cannot expect instant results when you are trying to reduce the weight of your dog.  Check the weight of the dog every month and if you do not find any major changes in weight get the diet plan adjusted with the help of the veterinarian.

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