Top Dog Food Choices For Canines

With so many different selections of dogfoods, from dry to wet to treats, it’s no wonder why owners have a difficult time choosing. The truth of the matter is that it is easy to spot good food just by reading the first few ingredients on the package. Just as heath conscious consumers avoid over processed food, so too should pet owners. Food jam packed with corn, and meal by-product should always be avoided. The best brand to avoid at all costs is those Beneful bags that are sold just about in any store. Although, there are three brands of dog food that are both safe and healthy for dogs to enjoy; and considered by both pet experts and veterinarians as top quality dog food options. Quality dog food comes with a price tag and to cut down on costs, look around for dog food coupons, its a great way of saving money on costly quality food.

 Hill’s Pet Food is a great choice for dog lovers

 Hill’s brand offers a great variety of different types of dry for a dog of any age and lifestyle. Their sub brands include Science Diet, ideal balance, and Prescription Diet. Their Prescription Diet brand is most often recommend by veterinarians, as it offers an array of specifically formulated food designed to help ease certain types of diseases or issues, such as: weight loss, digestive health, skin health, and mobility and joint health. Owners can see that this brand is a great option just by reading the first ingredient, which is almost always fresh chicken for the Science Diet and ideal balance brand. The Hill’s brands do not use any meal by-product, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in their food. Hill’s ensures that their food is made with natural ingredients and has a great taste that our furry friends will enjoy.

Blue Buffalo a great second choice

The BLUE BUFFALO CO brand has been a long standing considered favorite by many pet owners, trainers, and veterinarians alike. BLUE’s sub brands include: FREEDOM (Grain-Free), Life Protection Formula, and Wilderness. Due to the natural ingredients and real, fresh meat used, many people consider this brand one of the best brands of food you could buy for your pets. The first ingredient for all their BLUE products are real, fresh meat, whether it be chicken, beef, or turkey. All their BLUE recipes also incorporate whole grains, garden veggies and healthy fruits in their dry and wet food, as well as treats. BLUE offers top quality dog food for your pet that is natural, healthy, and holistic.

 Last but still very much worth it to buy is Natural Balance

The third best, top quality, dog food brand out there is Natural Balance. Natural Balance uses top quality ingredients to make their food. They have such fun flavors as rabbit and potato, sweet potato and fish, and a vegetarian formula. They offer a wide range of different flavors to meet your dog’s skin or allergy, or weight requirements (many dogs allergic to chicken or beef, love the duck and potato flavor). Natural Balance also offers an organic dry dog food formula, as well as grain-free and limited ingredient options. Natural Balance offers top quality dog food, through the ingredients they use, as well as numerous flavor options for any and every pet to enjoy.

Ariel Culver has a Bachelors Degree in English, and loves to lounge around with her puppy Labrador Shepard mix that she adopted from the shelter. This article Ariel wrote for which is an awesome new coupon site. She has worked in kennels, vet offices, as well as pet stores for almost eight years.