How to Raise a Persian Cat

An Irish saying is that, “Who would believe such pleasure from a wee ball o’fur?”Cats have a very delicate touch in them. The way they take care of their self is not only amazing but lovely to watch. That elegant walk and all the time a cat takes to observe its surrounding when deciding to mark their territory is beautiful and intelligent act of nature’s creation. Studies reveal that territory marking to be between 7-28 hectares. Cats have many myths and legends associated with them. Egyptian civilization also had place of cats within their high ranking mythologies. Modern day home décor has canvas art prints of these mythological presentations for interior decoration purposes as well.

Cats have excellent night vision and hearing. They can see at only one sixth the light level human eye requires to see and can hear higher pitched sounds than either dog or a human. Cats have fewer taste buds than human and cannot taste sweet.
Traditional Persian or Doll Face Persian has a look that emphasizes the sweet expression. Persian cats have many colors and different pattern designs on them. They have more than 80 varieties of them.
Pet Persians are very selective about who they prefer within a family of humans they are living with.They don’t demand attention but crave for attention from their favourite human. They love curling up and sleeping in their laps. Persians require grooming on at least weekly basis. If there fur is not brushed regularly, it can easily mat. About 20 minutes of weekly grooming is sufficient for a Persian. Persians are not very active but they like playing with other domestic pets of the family occasionally they grow up with.

Tips to Raise a Kitty:

  •   Male kitten have tendency to pee a lot. Remember to remove solid faeces daily from the kitten’s place.
  •  Brushing your kitten at least 4 times a week is a must.
  • Young kitten need play things. These help them to be more active and well groomed as well. Place few toys within their reach so they can either play on their own or with you.
  •  Remember to clip the claws every week. Be careful during that, you do not want to cut any extra.
  •  Feed your kitten 3 – 4 times daily. You can buy the canned food from stores or can share human food as well. You should feed your kitten in a particular bowl on the floor only. This will train your kitten not to join anyone on the table during your meals.
  •  Remember to get the vaccinations done from your local Vet.  
  • A flea collar or flea repellent maybe a good idea if there is a chance of fleas around the area.
  • Fully indulge with your kitten. Groom them with love and affection. This creates a special bond which helps the kitten choose you as a favorite human. After all you love your cat and the cat will love you back.
  • When your kitten does something you are trying to teach, give them a treat. This will make them remember that action and will turn into habit.
  • Common medicines like “Paracetamol” can work as a poison for kittens and can be even fatal for young ones. So make sure you keep the medicines away.
About the author: Ali Syed is an informative writer, who writes about raising pets and using your pet’s image for décor with professional photo printing.