Care for Puppies

Keeping in mind the mistreatment and bad attitude towards puppies, it has been found essential or rather important to provide vital information on how people should treat them. To resolve issues related to dogs and behavior towards them, many Animal Care Agencies have come forward by providing aid through their helpline numbers; one such helpline number is the rspca phone number.
The following are few steps that you can follow in order to let your puppy grow in an adorable environment: 

Question yourself

·        Does the climate at your place suit your pup?
·        Is your house spacious enough for the new member?
Such questions ensure the well-being of your puppy and also the overall happiness of your home; this also makes sure that a particular pup is raised in an environment that best suits it.

Puppy-proof your house

It has been discovered that puppies love to explore and so they run about everywhere; so in order to keep you and your pup safe, you will need to take some precautions.
·        If you intent to protect your breakable items, get them removed from the places reachable by your pet.
·        Keep the electrical cords raised or covered; at the same time, have all the low windows/openings closed.
·        Chemicals that are noxious to puppies should be kept in safe places, to not take chances with its health.
·        Get a tall and heavy trash-can which cannot be mounted or spilled, to keep your athlete pup away from eating stale food.
·        Finally, get a folding gate to keep your naughty pup confined to a certain area/room.

Vital concerns

First and foremost, the pup should be licensed and the papers should be kept safe for future use. Apart from this, there are few essentials that provide better growth and comfort for your dear pet which are a necessity; and these essentials include:
·        A warm room to keep the pup from falling sick due to the climatic changes.
·        Two bowls, preferably made of scratch proof metal; one for food and the other for water.
·        A small, soft, dry and safe puppy bed for a comfortable and sound sleep.
·        The puppy bed should either be created by a crate pillow or a snuggle nest.
·        Adopted pups should be fed proper food only after consulting a veterinarian
·        Regular check-ups and periodic vaccinations.