Saving Money With Generic Pet Meds

With the ability to buy so much online now we have more choice than ever when it comes to our pets medications. From simple flea meds like Frontline to heartworm medications like Heartgard, all are now available to purchase from the comfort of our own homes. 

What we are also seeing a lot more of are generic options for popular medications. But owners have concerns about the safety of these products, and wonder if they are quite as effective as the real thing. Let's uncover the truth.

The Truth About Generics

According to the Free Dictionary a generic is: any product, as a food, drug, or cosmetic, that can be sold without a brand name.

What this means for us is that a generic is simply a medication that is available from more than one company and not only from a brand name we recognize. Let's take Heartgard for example. The active ingredient is Ivermectin, it stops heartworm disease. As Merial brought this product to the market they held the rights to supply this medication for a number of years. But once those rights ran out then other companies were then allowed to also supply a heartworm medication with the exact same active ingredients but under different names. It led to plenty of cheap options that would work the same but are under different names.

Safety Concerns

There is absolutely no need to be concerned about whether or not these products are safe, as long as you buy from reputable companies. If you have doubts about a company selling medications then you should always check up on them. But plenty of very large businesses now sell generic options as they are more affordable for pet owners. 
These generics will work in the same way as the brand names we know, and may have cheaper packaging to keep costs down, but they are exactly the same product if we get down to the active ingredients.
From Valuheart for heartworm disease, to BioSpot for flea control, these options are known as generics but will give exactly the same protection as slightly more expensive brand names we may know.

If in Doubt

However, if you have any concerns about buying a generic, or simply feel more comfortable buying a brand you are aware of, then always go for what you feel is best. You want to keep your pet protected and safe, and if you feel this is best achieved by buying a brand name medication then you should always go with this. The main priority is to always keep your pet safe and cared for.
Check the differences in prices between different options and weigh up the pros and cons of each option. But do not discount generic options as they will work just as well as more well known brands.

Karen is the owner of Tatochip, where she works alongside Tato the Kool Cat and Chip the Wonder Dog. They uncover the best prices for all manner of pets meds, as well as providing the information you need to know before you buy.