When Is It Time to Put Down Your Dog!

Are you concerned that it may be time to put down your dog? If you’re like most dog owners, you’re probably confused, sad, devastated and feeling a bit guilty just thinking about it. Putting your dog to sleep, also called pet euthanasia, is something many owners go through at some point. But, that doesn’t make it any less stressful on you or your family. That’s why we’re here to help you make an educated decision about saying goodbye to your furry friend.

6 Signs That It Is Time to Put Down Your Dog

In the end, you don’t want to walk around wondering whether or not you made the right decision. It’s going to hurt no matter what. But, at least you’ll cope better knowing that your decision was the best one for your suffering dog. Here are six general guidelines that may be indications that the time has come:
Suffering Appetite – Has your pet’s appetite been suffering for quite some time now? If your buddy’s appetite has not been normal, he may be in a great deal of pain.

Quality of Life – Does she seem to be enjoying life the way she always has? Or, does she walk around looking and acting miserable, almost as if she wishes her life were over.

Joyful Life – Does he still take part in things that used to bring him joy in the past? Are there any activities that seem to bring joy into his life?

Your Enjoyment – Is it still a pleasure to have your pet around? Or, are you experiencing more pain than enjoyment as you watch your dog’s daily life?

 Happiness – Does it seem as if your furry friend is happy most times? Or, is she sad more often than she’s happy?

Comfort – When you watch your buddy, does he appear to be uncomfortable often? Do you get the idea that he’s distraught most of the time?

The Bottom Line about Euthanasia

One day, you may realize that your pal simply isn’t enjoying life. When that day comes, you’ve actually waited too long. Your pet counts on you to make the best decisions for her health, comfort and life in general. Saving her from just one day of suffering should be top priority.
Sure, you’d like to have cut-clear answers about when it is time to put down your dog. But, your veterinarian can only review prints of your dog’s life. You, on the other hand, are the one with the big perspective. Only you can review the dog your pet used to be, and compare it to the one he is now.
Every single day that you get to spend with your dog is precious time. But, is having more time with your pet important enough to hamper her quality of life? If your pet seems sick, scared and downright miserable, it may be time to do the humane thing. Spare him any unnecessary pain and suffering when it’s time to put down your dog.