3 Dog Friendly Projects For The Do It Yourselfer

If you enjoy tackling those do-it-yourself projects, you may have exhausted all of your ideas and needs for your home. But there are plenty of DIY projects that you can tackle that could benefit your dog. From beds to personal puppy rooms, check out the following list of great DIY projects you can do for your dog.

1. Simple Dog Bed

Instead of shelling out $40 on a new dog bed for your pup, make one yourself. There are a few different options for you to choose from, but this one is very simple. All you need is some fleece material, stuffing and scissors, and you’ll be on your way to creating a great and comfortable bed for your pup.
• fleece materials (big enough to make a bed for your dog)
• stuffing (could be stuffing from craft store, or old t-shirts or stuffing from old pillows will work too)
• scissors
1.     Cut two pieces of fleece the same size; big enough to make a bed for your dog. You can cut this into any shape you want, such as square, rectangle, triangle or even circle.
2.     Place both pieces of fleece on top of each other so that they’re completely even.
3.     Cut slits around the edges of the fleece, about 2-4 inches in length. Continue cutting slits until there are slits around all the material.
4.     Take two pieces of material from the slits and tie them together in a knot. For durability, you may want to double knot.
5.     Continue tying knots with all the slits of material until you have about 5-10 left.
6.     Push stuffing into the dog bed.
7.     When stuffed, tie the rest of the slits together.

2. Inside Dog House

The days of keeping your dog outside or stuck in a cheap plastic crate are long gone. Instead, break out your tools and determination to make your pup and indoor dog house. This can be a great, more comfortable substitute for dogs who still need to be contained or disciplined.
• unused closet
• baby gate
• dog essentials
1.     Remove the door from your closet as well as any items you may store in the closet.
2.     Attach a baby gate to the door frame instead according to gate’s specific directions.
3.     Place all of your dog’s belongings inside the closet, such as dog bed, water bowl, toys, etc. You could also decorate the walls with dog-friendly d├ęcor.
4.     Note: If you don’t have an unused closet, you can always make an indoor dog house yourself by breaking out part of a wall and dry walling/finishing the inside.

3. Outside Dog House with Patio

Every dog likes to bask in the sun, so why not give your dog their own personal place to relax when they’re outside. All you need to do is amp up their outdoor doghouse. Note: This project will require some planning on your part, as each deck will be different depending on your dog’s current doghouse. The following instructions just give you the basic idea.
• current doghouse
• wood
• screws
• drill
1.     Make a deck area that is slightly bigger than your dog’s dog house.
2.     Attach the deck to the top of the doghouse.
3.     Build stairs to allow your dog to get from the ground to the patio.
When planning DIY projects for your home or for your pet - be sure to check out the creative projects on Pinterest that can be found under recycle and upcycle. It could be you have items laying around your home that could easily be repurposed to spare them from ending up in the landfills.

Susan Wright has been an animal doctor for more than a decade. Susan doesn't just make family pets feel better, she teaches their owners how to be better caregivers and friends to their loyal companions.