Four Reasons Why It's Important To Provide Pure, Clean Drinking Water To Your Pets

While some people think it's perfectly fine to give their pets water that comes straight out of the tap, the truth is that animals, just like humans, need pure, clean water to drink every day. Without providing this vital form of nourishment, you could be putting your pet's health at risk, especially over the long term. Whether your water comes from a well or from your municipal water supply, you should take steps to ensure that it's as clean as possible for both your family and your pets.
Not sure why it matters so much to provide clean drinking water to animals? Continue reading for a few reasons that will help you understand.

First Off, Water is Necessary for Health

No matter what species of pets you own, you need to provide them with fresh, clean drinking water every day in order to maintain their health by preventing dehydration and giving their bodies all of the moisture they need to work optimally, right down to the cellular level.

Water Softeners Can Be Detrimental to Your Pet's Health

Some people advocate against using water softeners to remove hardness and minerals from your water supply. This is because the process of water softening adds sodium to the water that, when consumed over long periods of time, may lead to cardiovascular issues in both humans and pets. Therefore, it's best to not use a water softening system in your home, especially if you have a sick or elderly pet with heart or kidney issues who would be more likely to suffer the negative consequences of soft water.

Parasites and Bacteria May Be Found in Dirty Water

Contaminated water supplies may contain harmful parasites and bacteria, such as E. coli and giardia, and these pathogens can cause a host of health problems in your pet, especially if your companion is elderly or is already dealing with other health problems. To make sure that your water doesn't contain any of these pathogens, filter it before serving it to your pets. There are many different types of filters to choose from, including pitcher filters and those that attach right onto your faucet. No matter what, using them will help you rest assured that you and your family, including your pets, have safe drinking water every time.

Chlorine and Fluoride May Cause Adverse Health Effects

Chlorine and fluoride are two additives that are meant to help keep the water supply clean and, in the case of fluoride, help people maintain healthy teeth. But the problem is that they're also associated with adverse health effects, with some studies showing that they may be carcinogenic. Filtration systems exist that remove both chlorine and fluoride so that the water that you and your pets consume will be as pure as possible and will help you maintain your health rather than ruin it. 
Providing your pets with clean water that's properly balanced with minerals, not too soft, and clear of contaminants is one way to keep them healthy for many years. And making sure your human family drinks the purest water too will ensure their health as well.
Author Bio: Brandon Light, the author of this article, works with, Rhodes Pump Service, leading providers of Water Filtration's Systems in CT. He loves the outdoors and enjoys going trekking and sailing.